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Cantey Foundation Specialists Case Studies: Push Piers Fix Sinkhole at Holly Hill, SC Home

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 by Parker Jones


Debbie B. is a homeowner in Holly Hill, SC who recently cut trees down around her home. The only issue is the trees were to close to her home and weren't cut down like they were suppose to be. Dead tree roots decay and create voids underneath the ground that, when enough pressure is applied, create a sink hole. This is exactly the case for Debbie's home, the weight of her house has created sink hole around her property from absent tree roots. This has created a lot of problems for her home. One, her home has begun to settle on one side due to the increase in sink holes. Two, the strain of this has caused cracking and spacing between her homes walls and foundation. Lastly, it has caused Debbie to feel uneasy about her home. Debbie decided to call Cantey Foundation Specialists.


Specialist Jason Hugg came out to Debbie's home for a free inspection. He explained to her that, because of the sink hole and the lack of earth around the foundation, Push Piers were the solution that she was looking for.  Push Piers are bolted underneath the homes foundation and push off the bedrock to lift the home and stabilize. The first step is to dig to the footer and attach the pier frame. Then push the metal piers into the ground until the reach bedrock and lift. Then the piers are cut to the length needed and attached to the frame ensuring your home is secured. Team Leader Sixto, Team Member Mariano, and Team Member Estevan were quickly dispatched to Debbie's home. They made efficient work of the project and lifted and stabilized her home. Debbie was so happy that her home was now stable. "It feels good to have piece of mind again," she said. Debbie can relax knowing her home is secure thanks to Cantey.

Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Jason Hugg

Production Team Member: Mairano Amaya

Production Team Member: Estevan Lopez

Production Team Leader: Sixto Lopez

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