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Quickly and Effectively Lift Sunken Concrete with PolyLevel®

If you have sinking concrete around your home, Cantey Foundation Specialists can lift and restore your concrete to help eliminate trip hazards and pooling water problems. We level concrete driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and slabs in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia using a proven polyurethane foam injection solution called PolyLevel®.

With PolyLevel, we can quickly restore the appearance and safety of your concrete without the mess or cost of replacement or traditional mudjacking.

For a free cost estimate on PolyLevel concrete repair in Charleston, Columbia, Augusta, or elsewhere in the Midlands, call us at 1-855-234-5628 or click below to request your no-obligation assessment.

Before and After
  • Front Step Lift in Salisbury, NC
    Front Step Lift in Salisbury, NC

    James B. of Salisbury, NC noticed his front steps were separating from his walk, so he called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free inspection and estimate. The experts at Cantey were able to offer James different options for the repair of his home. Ultimately, James chose to have his front steps lifted using eco-friendly PolyLevel injections and couldn't be happier.

  • PolyLevel Lift in Concord. NC
    PolyLevel Lift in Concord. NC

    Before and After of a concrete lift using PolyLevel Injection. 

  • Dancing Again in Davidson, NC!
    Dancing Again in Davidson, NC!
    We just love to see some Before and After pictures! After countless stubbed toes, this family is dancing on their patio again thanks to PolyLevel® injections, we were able to raise the concrete.
  • Front Step Lift in  Harrisburg, NC
    Front Step Lift in  Harrisburg, NC

    A startling front step lift Before & After in Harrisburg, NC by Cantey Foundation Specialists. 

  • Incredible Concrete Lifting in Hickory, NC
    Incredible Concrete Lifting in Hickory, NC

    Amazing results from this concrete lift in Hickory, NC. 

  • Lifting a Porch in Huntersville, NC
    Lifting a Porch in Huntersville, NC

    A flawless lift and a happy family in Huntersville, NC!

  • Concrete Lift in Indian Trail, NC
    Concrete Lift in Indian Trail, NC

    Kristin S. noticed that her porch seemed to be sinking from her home. She called several companies and received several estimates. Kristin said she was most impressed with Cantey's presentation and guarantee. A date for a PolyLevel installation was arranged and a crew was dispatched. Kristin was impressed that the crew made every effort to keep her property clean and protected while doing the work. Cantey Foundation Specialists were able to raise Kristin's front porch back level with her home and avoiding costly repairs in the future. 

  • Tripping Hazard No More in Charlotte, NC
    Tripping Hazard No More in Charlotte, NC

    Bert K. was concerned about the dilapidated sidewalks in front of his home and wanted to see if anything could be done. He called to inquire about Cantey Foundation Specialist's expert concrete repair solutions using the PolyLevel® system. PolyLevel® is an expanding polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the concrete to fill the gaps caused by soil erosion and raise and stabilize the concrete surface. The results are quick, lightweight and eco-friendly. Finally Bert K. can have peace of mind that no one will trip and fall on now even sidewalks. 

  • Concrete Crack No More in Monroe, NC
    Concrete Crack No More in Monroe, NC

    With the help of Cantey Foundation Specialists, this entranceway is inviting and safe once again!

  • Amazing Concrete Repair in Marion, NC
    Amazing Concrete Repair in Marion, NC

    Watching his daughter trip over the driveway and scrapping her knee was the final straw for Rodney Q. of Marion, NC. He called Cantey Foundation Specialists interested in the eco-friendly PolyLevel Lift System. It was determined this would be the best solution for Robert and his family. The improvements were made in one day and Robert can now rest easy knowing there will be no more tripping over the uneven driveway. 

  • Front Step Lift in Marion, NC
    Front Step Lift in Marion, NC

    The space between Mike J.'s front porch and first step seemed to be getting ever bigger, allowing water, debris, and pests to fill in the gaps with their Nuisance. It could only lead to bigger, more expensive problems. So Mike called Cantey Foundation Specialists. An expect approached the problem with several different solutions and together they finally settled on an eco-friendly PolyLevel lift. The work took one day and now Mike's steps are safely secured to his family home and from porch. 

  • Sidewalk Lifted in Shelby, NC
    Sidewalk Lifted in Shelby, NC

    An entranceway to be proud of! No more tripping hazards for your family or friends! 

  • Porch Lift in York, SC
    Porch Lift in York, SC

    Cantey Foundation Specialists raised this York, SC front porch using PolyLevel Lift in just one day. The owners are thrilled with the results and can't wait for "porch sitting weather!"

  • Concrete Lift in Darlington, SC
    Concrete Lift in Darlington, SC

    This concrete entryway was sinking on the left side in Darlington, SC. The Tingle Family had let this problem go one for years until they had finally had enough. Embarrassed by the eye-sore and concerned what it could mean for future issues in settlement, the family decided to call Cantey Foundation Specialists to offer a permanent solution in just one day. 

  • Front Step Repair in Forest City, NC
    Front Step Repair in Forest City, NC

    Cantey Foundation Specialists was able to securely reattach these front steps in just one day with beautiful results for this Forest City, NC homeowner. 

  • Hazardous, Sinking Porch Raised with PolyLevel Solution in Marion SC
    Hazardous, Sinking Porch Raised with PolyLevel Solution in Marion SC
  • Front Porch Lifted in Marion, SC using PolyLevel Technology
    Front Porch Lifted in Marion, SC using PolyLevel Technology

    Bonnie M. and her husband used the back door of their house for many years because they were worried about the tripping hazards by their front door.  The front porch had settled over 3 inches in some areas, and they knew they had to get it fixed as soon as possible before it got worse.  While visiting family in Columbia, SC, Bonnie visited the Home and Garden Show and found Cantey Foundation Specialist's booth.  She was mesmerized by the new technology that could lift and stabilize sidewalks, pool decks, and even front porches.  She was even more ecstatic when she learned Cantey gives free inspections and will travel to Marion!  Specialist Alex Lovette inspected the front porch and gave her a price for the work, and within a few days, Cantey was able to lift and stabilize her front porch for many years to come!  Bonnie and her husband can now start using the front door again without the fear of tripping or falling.

  • Driveway Fix in York, SC
    Driveway Fix in York, SC

    The driveway in front of this home settled a couple inches, creating a trip hazard and an area for water to pool after heavy rains. Cantey Foundation Specialists used PolyLevel® to turn the sunken sidewalk into a safe, level surface.

  • Sinking Garage Floor Lifted Back into Place in Gaffney, SC
    Sinking Garage Floor Lifted Back into Place in Gaffney, SC

    There were numerous tripping hazards in Adam P.'s garage in Gaffney, SC, and he wanted them to be fixed as soon as possible.  He researched online and found and learned about our patented PolyLevel process.  Specialist Nathan Bailey inspected his garage and driveway, and Specialist Nathan explained that the PolyLevel polymer in pumped underneath the concrete slab to raise it back into place.  It would also be stabilized so that the concrete slab could not settle again because of soil erosion.  Ecstatic with the results, Adam can now enjoy his garage without the worry of tripping hazards!

  • Driveway Lifted Back into Place in Little River, SC
    Driveway Lifted Back into Place in Little River, SC

    David T. of Little River, SC wanted his new home looking pristine, and when he noticed his driveway slab was sinking before the road, he wanted to have it fixed right away.  After researching online, David wanted to know his options besides ripping out the concrete and repouring it himself.  He found, and he signed up for a free estimate in which Specialist Ward Purvis came and inspected his driveway.  Amazed by not only the technology but also the price, David hired Cantey to inject their PolyLevel polymer underneath the concrete slab to raise it back into place.  Now, David no longer has to worry about the eyesore at his driveway, and his home is back to pristine condition.

  • Cracked Concrete Carport Repair in Chesnee, SC
    Cracked Concrete Carport Repair in Chesnee, SC
  • Sunken Concrete Garage Slab is Raised in Chesnee, SC
    Sunken Concrete Garage Slab is Raised in Chesnee, SC
  • Front Porch in North Myrtle Beach Raised Back into Place
    Front Porch in North Myrtle Beach Raised Back into Place

    Keith K. of North Myrtle Beach noticed water pooling near his front door because the porch had dropped a few inches over the years.  Worried that this may cause future drainage problems including rotting out his rim joist in the crawl space, Keith knew he had to call Cantey Foundation Specialists after hearing his neighbors talking about their previous great experience.  Specialist John Adams inspected the front porch, and he concluded that our patented PolyLevel system could easily raise back into place and cause the water to drain correctly.  The PolyLevel would be injected under the porch, and it would expand into the void underneath the concrete slab.  This would cause it to not only have the correct support the patio needed, but it would also raise it back into place.  Now, Keith no longer has to worry about drainage issues or stepping over a puddle when walking into his front door!

  • Reduced Tripping Hazard By Leveling Walkway in Bishopville, SC
    Reduced Tripping Hazard By Leveling Walkway in Bishopville, SC

    Ben M. is a homeowner in Bishopville, SC. Ben and his family love to spend time outdoors. Ben lately has been concerned with his family's safety, and he is worried someone will get hurt. Ben's walkway has settled over the years and it has become a tripping hazard. Ben decided to get help, he called Cantey Foundation Specialists. Specialist Jamie Beresford came out to Ben's home and completed a free inspection. Afterward, Jamie explained to Ben that Cantey's patented PolyLevel process was the solution he was looking for. PolyLevel is a process that combines resin and ISO to make a foam like liquid that hardens and expands. This expansion creates pressure underneath your concrete slab and lifts and levels them. PolyLevel comes with a 5-year warranty and is the premiere solution for concrete settlement. Team Leader Roberto and Team Member Nick came to Ben's home and effectively injected the PolyLevel. Afterward, Ben was so excited that his walkway was level. Now Ben and his family can enjoy the outside once again.

  • PolyLevel Raises Carolina Business in Bishopville, SC
    PolyLevel Raises Carolina Business in Bishopville, SC

    John G. is a business owner in Bishopville, SC and has been for many years. As a business man, he holds his integrity as his highest quality trait. He believes in taking care of his employees and creating a safe environment for them to work in. Recently one of his employees pointed out the sinking floors in the men's restroom. John did not want anyone to get hurt or for this to cause any further damage to his business. He knew he had to act fast and get this problem solved. When explaining his problem to a friend, they recommended Cantey Foundation Specialists because of the great work they did. John gave Cantey a call and was set up with an appointment with System Design Specialist John Adams. After an inspection of the floor in questions, Specialist John explained that Cantey's PolyLevel system would be the right solution. The crew would drill small holes into the floor where they would then use a specially designed gun to inject the PolyLevel underneath the floor. The PolyLevel would come out as a liquid to be able to fill all the voids underneath the floor then quickly harden to form a solid foundation. Once the hardening process takes place, the floor would begin to lift and level creating a safer environment for John's employees. Production Team Leader Israel Santana and Production Team Member Joshua Hough came out to the business and effectively installed the PolyLevel System. John's business is doing better than ever and his employees appreciate the safer environment Cantey helped to create.

  • Concrete Leveling Repair in Conway, SC
    Concrete Leveling Repair in Conway, SC

    The proof is in the level for this driveway repair in Conway, SC using Cantey Foundation Specialists PolyLevel one-day solution for concrete lifts! 

  • Boiling Springs Driveway lifted and leveled with PolyLEVEL
    Boiling Springs Driveway lifted and leveled with PolyLEVEL

    Judy K. had this terrible crack on her concrete driveway; she called Cantey right away for a free estimation to get it fixed.  Cantey Foundation Specialists recommended the PolyLEVEL process, which injects a polyethylene substance to lift and stabilize the concrete slabs.  Judy's driveway changed from an eye-sore to aesthetically pleasing in just one afternoon!

  • PolyLevel Assists in Home Improvement Efforts in Inman, SC
    PolyLevel Assists in Home Improvement Efforts in Inman, SC

    Tim W. has been a resident and homeowner in Inman, SC for most of his adult life. He and his wife recently retired which gave them extra time on their hands. Through the years they were not able to do everything they wanted in regards to renovations on their home. Working full time and raising children did not leave much time for home improvement. Tim and his wife have been enjoying finally doing different projects around their home. Tim had noticed a while ago that their back concrete porch was sinking. He did not want the hassle of completely replacing the concrete slab so he looked for alternatives. One morning while watching the news Tim saw a commercial for Cantey Foundation Specialists. He called in to see if Cantey could help him with his porch. System Design Specialist Ryan Holloway came out for an inspection and found that the PolyLevel process that Cantey offers would be the right solution. Ryan explained to Tim that small holes would be drilled through the slab. These would be the places that the PolyLevel would be injected. The PolyLevel would come out as a liquid effectively filling any voids underneath the concrete. Within 15 minutes the liquid would solidify and as it did it would be constructing a solid foundation and lifting the concrete slab. Production Team Leader Roberto Buchner came out and successfully injected the PolyLevel process. Tim and his wife are more than pleased with their porch and are now recommending Cantey to all their friends.

  • PolyLevel Saves Children from Tripping Hazard in Inman, SC
    PolyLevel Saves Children from Tripping Hazard in Inman, SC

    Vic and Tricia B. have been homeowners in Inman, SC for the last few years. They bought a new home where they plan to stay to raise their children. The kids love playing outside so Vic and Tricia specifically bought a home that had a huge front and backyard. Recently, one of the kids tripped over the sidewalk leading up to the front steps. Vic and Tricia had not previously noticed that their concrete slab leading up to the door had started to sink. They were concerned about the safety of their children as they played outside. Immediately Vic began to look for a company that could solve this tripping hazard. During his search online he came across Cantey Foundation Specialists and their PolyLevel process. Vic and Tricia decided they would make an appointment to have someone come out and inspect. System Design Specialist Ryan Holloway arrived for the appointment and inspected the area in question. Ryan sat down with Vic and Tricia to let them know that he thought the PolyLevel process was the right solution for them. The PolyLevel process would begin with small holes being drilled through the concrete slab. These would be the injection sites for the liquid PolyLevel that would find all the voids and fill them. Once the PolyLevel was injected, it would take 15 minutes to harden. As the PolyLevel sets, it lifts the concrete slab above while stabilizing underneath the slab. Vic and Tricia now have the peace of mind that their children are safe to play outside once again thanks to Cantey's PolyLevel solution.

  • Sinking Concrete Fill In Campobello SC
    Sinking Concrete Fill In Campobello SC

Advantages of PolyLevel®

Cantey Foundation Specialists

Non-invasive installation

Cantey Foundation Specialists

Quick installation and cure time

Cantey Foundation Specialists

Accurate lift for clean results

Cantey Foundation Specialists

Adjustable for loads of all sizes

How PolyLevel® Works

The causes of concrete settlement and sinking are the same whether it's a driveway, walkway, patio, garage floor, or pool deck. As soil underneath a concrete slab shrinks, settles or washes away, this leaves empty space, or voids, beneath the slab. With the soil no longer supporting the slab, the concrete will sink, creating an uneven surface.

PolyLevel uses a high-density polyurethane foam to fill voids and stabilize and lift sinking concrete slabs. The expanding properties of the two-part urethane formula allows for accurate leveling of the slab. The result is a waterproof repair that's much more permanent than mudjacking and other common concrete repair methods.

PolyLevel step 1: drilling injection holes


Small 5/8" holes are strategically drilled in the slab.

PolyLevel step 2: installing injection ports


Injection ports are installed.

PolyLevel step 3: injecting polyurethane foam


Polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete to fill voids and raise the slab.

PolyLevel step 4: sealing holes and control joints


Holes and control joints are sealed.

PolyLevel® Applications

Cantey Foundation Specialists has the expertise and equipment to quickly raise and level many types of slab-on-grade concrete, so you can use those areas around your home without worry.

Click and drag the circle on each photo to see before and after examples of concrete raising.

Cracked uneven driveway Concrete driveway after PolyLevel


If you have a driveway that's sunken or uneven, replacing it might not be the most cost-effective option. We can use PolyLevel to raise the concrete, creating an even surface and preventing further sinking and cracking. Our driveway leveling process can eliminate unsafe conditions and improve the curb appeal of your home. The life of your driveway will also be extended for years without the need for replacement.

Sinking uneven concrete sidewalkSidewalk after leveling

Sidewalks & Walkways

An uneven sidewalk not only looks bad, but it creates a tripping hazard. If the concrete slab is still intact, don't waste your money on replacing the concrete. With PolyLevel, we can raise your sunken sidewalk, allowing you to walk on the sidewalk within an hour. Our sidewalk leveling process saves you time and money.

Sunken concrete front porchConcrete porch after leveling

Patios, Porches & Landings

You shouldn't have to worry about tripping on uneven concrete when relaxing on your patio. You might also notice your table and chairs wobbling because of uneven concrete. Concrete leveling can eliminate these issues and provide a safe, even surface.

Uneven concrete garage floorGarage floor after leveling

Concrete Floors & Slab Foundations

If your home has sloped floors, cracks in floor tiles, gaps below baseboards, gaps at the tops of walls or sticking doors, you might have a concrete settlement problem. Our use of polyurethane foam for concrete floor leveling is a long-lasting alternative to self-leveling treatments.

Sinking concrete pool deckConcrete pool deck after leveling

Concrete Pool Decks

Has your concrete pool deck seen better days? Worried about the cracked, uneven deck causing tripping hazards? PolyLevel can raise your concrete pool deck back to its original position and help restore your backyard pool area into the oasis it once was.

Traditional Concrete Lifting vs PolyLevel®

Before PolyLevel, there were two basic options for lifting and leveling concrete: mudjacking and slab replacement. Both approaches have limitations and disadvantages. PolyLevel offers many advantages over traditional concrete leveling methods:


Foam Injection
Mudjacking or Slabjacking
Cure Time 15 minutes 24 hours or more
Material Weight 2 lbs per cubic foot 100 lbs per cubic foot
Hole Size 5/8" (size of a penny) 1" (size of a quarter)
Waterproof Yes No

Concrete Replacement

Replacing a concrete slab is both expensive and disruptive. Concrete slabs can take days - or even weeks - to cure. Pouring new concrete over bad soil often delays future problems and leaves unsightly patchwork. PolyLevel material is lightweight, so it won't add weight to weak soil. Best of all, PolyLevel allows for use of concrete within hours, not weeks.

Get a free concrete leveling estimate today

If your concrete is structurally-sound, why replace it? Replacing the concrete won't fix the soil problem that's causing the settlement. Concrete leveling is the answer. Contact Cantey Foundation Specialists today for an on-site inspection and free cost estimate in Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Augusta, Greenville, Concord, Mount Pleasant, Greer, Simpsonville, Spartanburg and the surrounding areas.

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