LintelLift Garage Lintel Repair

Fix sagging garage headers with LintelLift

Ignoring signs of a failing garage door lintel will only make the problem worse. Consider LintelLift by Cantey Foundation Specialists.

Have you noticed cracks above your garage door, or signs of bowing or sagging of the garage door header? These symptoms are likely caused by a failing garage door lintel. Cantey Foundation Specialists installs the LintelLift System, a permanent solution for failing garage door lintels that can be installed in just one day.

Ignoring a sagging garage door header or cracks above the garage can decrease the value, curb appeal, and safety of your property and put other areas of your home at risk. Protect your property and investment, with the patented LintelLift System. Get started with a free estimate today in Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, and nearby in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

Symptoms & signs of a failing garage lintel

The most common sign of a failing garage door header, or lintel, is vertical or stairstep cracking in the brick veneer above your garage. These cracks appear above the outer corners of your garage door frame or in the middle of your garage door header, where support has been lost. You may also notice sagging or bowing, usually in the middle of your garage door header.

Signs your garage door lintel may be compromised:

  • Cracked brick veneer above the garage door frame
  • Sagging or bowing in the middle of your garage lintel - look for the "smile"!
  • Sagging bricks over your garage lintel
  • Gap between your garage lintel and the trim

Why is my garage lintel sagging or cracking?

Your garage lintel is the horizontal support beam spanning across the top of your garage. It acts as a shelf, supporting the bricks above. Lintels can be brick, concrete, stone, or wood. When the support of a lintel is compromised, you'll notice symptoms of cracking or sagging. Most garage lintels are simply undersized to hold the weight of the brick above, so they begin to sag or bow over time under the pressure. Other reasons for garage lintel failure include corrosion over time and moisture damage.

If you ignore a sagging garage door lintel and allow the problem to worsen, your garage may be vulnerable to bricks falling, moisture damage, and even pest infestation. Learn more about garage lintel problems here.

Advantages of the LintelLift System:

  • Addresses the root cause of failing garage door lintels
  • Guaranteed to stop further sagging or movement
  • Minimally disruptive installation
  • Fast, one-day installation
  • Vinyl trim can be painted to match house trim
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free estimates offered

Choosing LintelLift for garage lintel repair

LintelLift is a patented, warrantied solution for your sagging garage door header - and can be installed in just one day! The LintelLift System offers a permanent solution for cracks above your garage door, sagging or bowing garage door headers, and we guarantee that it will stop further movement of your garage lintel.

Free garage lintel repair quotes

Don't wait until your garage door lintel puts your property at risk. Consider the LintelLift System for permanent, fast lintel repair. Cantey Foundation Specialists can increase the curb appeal, value, and safety of your home quickly and safely, offering free, no-obligation repair estimates throughout Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, and nearby in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

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