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Easy Tips for a Healthier Foundation!

An example of a foundation wall crack you might find in your home in SC.Want some easy ways to help keep your foundation as healthy as possible? Check out these simple tips to learn more!

1. Moisture and Root Barriers: basically these are solid objects or sheets that protect your foundation from moisture and roots, which can damage your foundation. Since sediment that has excessive moisture or has been moved around from things like roots is a huge reason customers call us to repair their foundations, using a barrier is a smart, preventative measure for you and your family.

2. Drainage: Another way to prevent moisture issues from damaging your foundation or crawl space (and to also make sure you never have flooding), is to install a drain. We install drains daily and it is an easy, affordable option that prevents big problems. 

3. Check for Drain Blockage: All foundations are required to have some kind of perimeter drainage system. One way your foundation can become damaged is if something blocks your system. Periodically check to ensure yours is not blocked.

4. Water your Foundation During Dry Weather: while too much moisture can cause foundation damage, so can not having enough moisture. It is all about keeping the soil around your foundation "happy" in order to keep your foundation "happy" as well. So the best solution for dry weather is to just water your foundation as you would an outdoor plant. 

5. Keep an Eye Out: The biggest thing to remember is to keep an eye out for any hint your foundation may be damaged. For example, if your windows or doors are sticking or if you see a crack of any kind, get these checked out immediately as you may be able to save lots of money and effort on more severe foundation problems.

Finally, let us know if we can help! If you live in The Midlands area including Charleston, Simpsonville, Columbia, Greer, Greenville, Spartanburg, Lexington and nearby, call now to schedule your free estimate for foundation repair or concrete leveling from Cantey Foundation Specialists.

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