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Photo Album: PolyLevel Raises Front Porch in Saluda, SC

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Bob R. is a homeowner in Saluda, SC. Bob recently moved into his new home. He noticed during the buying process that the front porch was settling and it was causing one of the homes front columns to fall below the bottom of the roof. He also noticed that the entrance to his garage was settling as well. He managed to acquire the home for a reasonable price so he wasn’t concerned with these things at the time of purchase. However, when he moved and got settled in, he knew he had to do something about it. A friend of his, from his old neighborhood, recommend that he call Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free inspection. Specialists Alex Lovette came out and completed an inspection. Afterwards, Alex explained to Bob that the concrete slab on his front porch was beginning to settle and this was causing the column to come down as well. Also the slab in front of the garage was settling. He then went on to explain that Cantey’s patented PoyLevel process was the solution he was looking for. PolyLevel combines resin and iso to make a foam like liquid that expands and hardens like concrete to lift and level slabs. Team Leader TJ and Team Member Jeremy came out to Bob’s home and effectively installed the PolyLevel. After the job, Bob was so excited at the results. His home was better than when he first bought it. Now Bob can enjoy his new home thank to Cantey.

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