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Photo Album: PolyLevel Injection Raises Broken Garage in Santee, SC

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Jenny S. in a homeowner in Santee, SC. Jenny is a woman of pattern and routine. She likes to get up in the morning and do things a certain way, go to work and do things a certain way, and come home and do things a certain way. Her life style is very structured and organized and she likes to know what she’s getting into before she does anything. So, when her garage began to crack and settle, she had no idea what to do. Something like this had never happened to her before so she was in uncharted waters. After waiting, and think, and wait, and thinking she finally decided to do something about it. By then her garage had already gotten worse. She called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a fast, free estimate. Specialist Katherine Dillon came out to Jenny’s home and completed the inspection. Afterwards, Katherine explained to Jenny that Cantey’s patented PolyLevel process was the solution she was looking for. PolyLevel combines resin and iso to form a foam like liquid that expands and hardens to lift and level the concrete slab. Team Leader TJ and Team Member Jeremy came out to Jenny’s home and worked throughout the day to decrease the amount of damage that Jenny’s garage had sustained during settling. After the work, Jenny was amazed at how much better her garage looked. She couldn’t believe the results. Now after some quick brick mason work, Jenny will be right on track to enjoying her home once again.

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