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Photo Album: PolyLevel Raises Living Room Floor to New Heights in Chapin, SC

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Ashley H. bought his home in Chapin, SC a few years ago to begin starting a family with his wife. They now have two beautiful children and are doing some renovations to their home. They want to continuously improve their home to provide the best possible environment for their children. When they decided to get hard wood flooring installed in their living room, the inspector told them that the concrete slab underneath needed to be lifted otherwise it would ruin the flooring over time. Ashley looked for a solution that would not be as costly as replacing the concrete slab. He found Cantey Foundation Specialists while doing research on the internet and read about Cantey's patented PolyLevel process. Ashley called in and made an appointment with System Design Specialist Jason Hugg to see if the PolyLevel process was right for him. Specialist Jason came out and did an inspection and told Ashley that PolyLevel could save his concrete slab from sinking further. Jason explained the process to Ashley, telling him small holes would be drilled into the concrete slab, then the liquid PolyLevel would be injected to fill any voids underneath. This liquid would harden within 15 minutes to create lift and a stable foundation for the concrete slab. Production Team Leader Nick Collins and Production Team Member Jeremey Wilson arrived according to schedule and effectively installed the PolyLevel system. Ashley and his family are now enjoying their new hard wood flooring with the peace of mind that the flooring will last because of the solid foundation underneath.

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