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Photo Album: PolyLevel Makes the Right Solution For Irmo, SC Couple

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Craig and Debbie P. of Irmo, SC just moved into their home 5 years ago. Since the home is so new they did not foresee having to do repair their home so soon. After the flooding in South Carolina took place 2 years ago, Craig began to notice the concrete slabs of their front porch start to sink. As time went on it got worse and to both Craig and Debbie's dismay when they called the builders, the slab was not under their warranty. They did not want this to be a costly repair but they also wanted to remove the tripping hazard from the entrance of their home. Debbie asked around while at church and was told she needed to call Cantey Foundation Specialists because of their ability to raise concrete. Craig and Debbie called in and were surprised to find out that Cantey offered free no-obligation inspections. They felt like they had nothing to lose just having someone come out and take a look. System Design Specialist Richard Early arrived for the scheduled inspection and took a look at the front porch. Craig and Debbie were pleased to hear that Richard had a solution that would not be as costly as others and would be lasting. Richard explained that Cantey's PolyLevel process would begin with small holes being drilled through the porch. These would be the injection sites for the liquid PolyLevel that would find all the voids and fill them. Once the PolyLevel was injected, it would take 15 minutes to harden. As the PolyLevel sets, it lifts the concrete slab above while stabilizing underneath the slab. Craig and Debbie were impressed with the idea of the PolyLevel process and loved that it came with a 5-year warranty. Production Team Leader Roberto Buchner and Production Team Member Joshua Hough came out and successfully injected the PolyLevel process. Craig and Debbie are now no longer concerned about the safety of anyone they welcome into their home because of their newly leveled porch.

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