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Photo Album: PolyLevel Rescues Man's Best Friend in West Columbia, SC

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Sonja A. is a homeowner in West Columbia, SC who lives with her beloved dog. She and her companion love their neighborhood because it is the perfect place to take afternoon walks. One afternoon, her dog tripped over the entrance to the driveway on their way back home. Luckily, her pup was not injured but she worried about their safety. She had noticed the driveway becoming unlevel after the major flooding came through the state in 2015. Every year it was just getting worse but this was the first time that this problem had become serious. Sonja asked some of her neighbors during the next evenings walk, about who she could call for a solution. Sonja was given the information to call Cantey Foundation Specialists. When she did she was set up with an appointment and set a packet in the mail with information about her System Design Specialist Alex Lovette. When Alex arrived, he did a thorough inspection of the concrete slabs that made up Sonja's driveway. He determined that the solution that Sonja needed was Cantey's PolyLevel process. This process would begin with small holes being drilled through the concrete slabs all the way to the bottom. Then liquid PolyLevel would be injected underneath the slab, filling all the voids under the slab. This liquid would then harden in 15 minutes and create lift as well as stabilize each slab. This would be a lasting solution that would be waterproof and even come with a 5-year warranty. Production Team Leader Jeremey Wilson and Production Team Member Nick Collins came out and effectively injected the PolyLevel process. Sonja and her favorite pup are now safe from tripping hazards as they enjoy their favorite activity in the afternoons.

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