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Photo Album: PolyLevel Rejuvenates Boat Ramp in Prosperity, SC

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Mike and Vickie B. moved into their home by the lake in Prosperity, SC about 6 years ago. They bought the home after they retired to be able to enjoy the lake. It had always been their dream to own a home by the water where they could use their boat on a regular basis. The house included a boat ramp which was an added plus to it being the perfect home for them. Unfortunately, the boat ramp began to have issues due to soil washing out from underneath the concrete slab. Mike knew that the voids underneath needed to be filled and attempted to fix it himself. Mike's solution did not solve the cracking and breaking, therefore, Vickie suggested they find an expert. While Vickie was around town doing some shopping, she saw a truck with Cantey Foundation Specialists on the side. She called the number and was set up for an inspection with System Design Specialist Alex Lovette. When Alex arrived for the inspection, he looked over each of the concrete slabs that made up the boat ramp. Alex concluded that the solution that would be lasting and give the homeowners peace of mind would be Cantey's PolyLevel process. The PolyLevel would begin with small holes being drilled through the concrete slabs. Then liquid PolyLevel would be injected underneath the concrete, filling all the voids. Within 15 seconds the PolyLevel begins to harden and after 30 minutes is completely set. Mike and Vickie were impressed with what this solution could do and how it was waterproof to prevent any further soil wash out. Production Team Leader Roberto Buchner and Production Team Member Josh Hough came out and successfully injected the PolyLevel process. Mike and Vickie are enjoying their last few days of warm weather by putting their boat in the water safely, thanks to Cantey's solution.

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