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Cantey Foundation Specialists is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Aiken. Learn more about Cantey Foundation Specialists's recent work requests in Aiken and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cantey Foundation Specialists' recent work requests in Aiken, SC
Vicinity of Gregg Ave in Aiken
Crack in exterior rear brick wall. Crack begins about mid way in wall and leads down to footer. Would like someone to look at it to see if there is an issue with the footing.
Vicinity of Juniper Loop in Aiken
Drive way is dropping on one end
Vicinity of Robinwood Sr in Aiken
Unlevel parts of my home (doors close by themselves) and sagging floors.
Vicinity of Parsons Cir SW in Aiken
1) Sagging floors in two rooms and creaking noise when walked upon. 2) Sagging brick on outside corner of house
Vicinity of Wheeler Dr SW in Aiken
Need quick estimate on repairs
Vicinity of Burden Lake Rd in Aiken
Would like to describe the problem (cracked slab) by phone before site visit/estimate.
Vicinity of Kimwood Court in Aiken
Settling, wall cracks, wall/ceiling separation
Vicinity of Berringer Dr in Aiken
Building settling
Vicinity of VERANDA LANE in Aiken
Crawl Space needs to have a moisture barrier installed before installation of laminate flooring. Approximately 1700 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Ivy Circle in Aiken
Hi--we just purchased a house with a crack in the front left foundation pier and need a repair estimate. Please let me know how to best proceed. Thanks, Cathy
Vicinity of Partridge Bend Rd in Aiken
Refurbishing house. Discovered cracks in concrete slab foundation. Found that foundation had some 2x4s (like side molds) laid on top of dirt which the concrete was poured over. Boards have been eaten by termites. Concrete over boards cracked and so was knocked out but this leaves slab foundation in separate sections. Need to see if foundation slabs can be locked together.
Vicinity of Dragstrip Rd in Aiken
Walls cracked around fireplace and bay window
Vicinity of East Pleasant Colony Dr in Aiken
Water coming into garage at floor and garage wall. Garage floor below ground level where it is coming in.
Vicinity of Creekridge Rd. in Aiken
Front walk slabs are difficult heights at seams causing tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Hunting Hills Dr in Aiken
Driveway needs leveling
Vicinity of Long Shadow Dr in Aiken
We have a concrete and brick porch. One section of the concrete is sagging, about two inches. We would like to see if this can be repaired.
Vicinity of Halcomb Road in Aiken
House built in 2013 settling more on one side. Small cracks in wall (sheetrock), trim lifting off the floor and door not closing properly
Vicinity of Oriole Street in Aiken
My concrete driveway, my sidewalk may be a little unlevel and my patio pad has cracks.
Vicinity of Log Cabin Rd in Aiken
Cool deck pool surround is sinking & pulling away from pool edge
Vicinity of Belle Mead Drive in Aiken
Block and brick porch not attached to house, foundation on one corner seems to be sinking. wall is separating from house
Vicinity of Muirfield Ct. in Aiken
Foundation wall tilted inward from water pressure.
Vicinity of Magnolia St. in Aiken
I have a 19x43 foot oval in-ground pool where the concrete deck around the pool steps and 15 foot down one side have sunk to the point where rainwater now runs into the pool. This is a vinyl liner pool with fiberglass side panels. I need to raise the deck along with the side panels.
Vicinity of Khaki Ct in Aiken
This is a 8x9 approx, It is approx 3" higher on three sides . We would like to level it so chairs will fit. thanks, ED
Vicinity of Gleneagles Drive in Aiken
Wall cracks, sticking doors.
Vicinity of Third Avenue in Aiken
A portion of the brick foundation of my late 1800's frame home is cracked and also has pulled away from the house on one corner. I would like a contractor to check brick piers under house as well as visible outside damage and and give me an estimate to repair. Courtney Conger
Vicinity of Victoria Drive in Aiken
Front porch continuous, concrete slab has settled toward the house. There are no cracks in 3.5'x24' slab. Slab is about 1" lower toward house. Can you mudjack this slab to level it? How much would it cost?
Vicinity of Travellers Lane in Aiken
Garage slab and side walks are settling and cracking.

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