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Cantey Foundation Specialists is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Camden. Learn more about Cantey Foundation Specialists's recent work requests in Camden and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cantey Foundation Specialists' recent work requests in Camden, SC
Vicinity of Greene Street in Camden
We have an old brick retaining wall in our backyard that is leaning, cracking, etc. We wanted to find out our options and pricing to repair it. Thanks in advance
Vicinity of Old Stagecoach Rd. in Camden
Uneven concrete on pool deck.
Vicinity of Firetower Rd in Camden
Cracks above doors, below windows, and across ceiling in multiple rooms
Vicinity of Pine Hurst Dr in Camden
Had pest inspection to refinance home thur VA, he noted damage to sill need to see if this need to be repaired
Vicinity of McRae Road in Camden
Primary Issue: Our garage floor has some serious issues (sinking) and our pool deck has some cracks that might need some attention (secondary)
Vicinity of Spilt Oak Ct in Camden
Large crack in wall in garage Most doors in house will not shut all the way Split in hard wood floors
Vicinity of Layfatte Ave. in Camden
House was built back in the 1920s. Structure needs to be repaired. one to two beams of the house needs to be lifed. Need Estimate!
Vicinity of Kirkwood Circle in Camden
I have some visible cracks in the walls mainly in the bathroom. Would like it to be checked out to determine if it is a foundation settling issue. Thank you in advance!
Vicinity of Barfield Street in Camden
Cracks on walls & doorways & cabinets. Slope in kitchen. Recently bought the home.
Vicinity of Woodcreek Subdivision in Camden
Will, I've got a retaining wall job in Woodcreek that will require two helical piers. Logistically the job is very easy......pull back the pinestraw, install the two helical piers and push back the straw. It's only holding a retaining wall that's about 12' tall so we wont see any real depths. Crew will have to pay attention not to lift it too much. How much $ turn key?
Vicinity of Hermitage Pond Rd in Camden
We had a home inspection on a potential home and the chimney is leaning away from the house.
Vicinity of Kiowa Trail in Camden
Pier system or lack under house
Vicinity of White Oak Rd in Camden
Sag in corner of cabin at the lake. Would like pro to review and see if reinforcement is needed.
Vicinity of Gates St. in Camden
Sagging floors
Vicinity of Southgate Dr in Camden
Leakage in basement area through foundation
Vicinity of Mcrae in Camden
I don't know if your company provides the service I'm looking for but I am interested in buying a home and the basement looks like it floods so we want someone to inspect the foundation and the water in basement to let us know how much it would cost to repair or if this issue can be repaired
Vicinity of Moultrie Rd in Camden
Cracking sheetrock inside. Floor slopes in kitchen. Rattling cabinet doors when walk. Noticing new lines/bows in ceilings Roy Guild (cell) [email protected] Paula Guild (cell) (work) [email protected] House phone

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