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Before and After Pictures from Charleston County
Charleston Home Stabilized through Wood Beam Replacement

Charleston Home Stabilized through Wood Beam Replacement

Before After
Charleston Home Stabilized through Wood Beam Replacement Charleston Home Stabilized through Wood Beam Replacement

Josh S. of Charleston, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists because he recently bought a new house, he wanted to make sure his home's foundation was stable.  Upon inspection and recommendation, a sump pump was installed as well as wood beam replacement to ensure stabilization of his home and floors.

Wet, Nasty Crawl Space Restored in Charleston SC. Now Bug Free!

Wet, Nasty Crawl Space Restored in Charleston SC. Now Bug Free!

Before After
Wet, Nasty Crawl Space Restored in Charleston SC. Now Bug Free! Wet, Nasty Crawl Space Restored in Charleston SC. Now Bug Free!

Crawl Space Repaired in Charleston, SC

Crawl Space Repaired in Charleston, SC

Before After
Crawl Space Repaired in Charleston, SC Crawl Space Repaired in Charleston, SC

This home is located on James Island and needed some repairs before the current owner could put it on the market. Our crew went in and repaired floor joists and the subfloor where there was alot of moisture damage from standing water. The insulation also had to then be taken out and a vapor barrier was put down. This is a big improvement to the home and the owner is able to use the pictures when showing their home to prospective buyers.

Professional Foundation Repair & Concrete Lifting in Charleston County, SC

100%!  All said, it is a tough work environment and the results met my expectations....
Happy Customers Surrounding Charleston County, SC
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Reviews From Charleston County
Testimonials From Charleston County
Went very well, Matt and his crew did a great job!
Testimonial by Robert M. from Mount Pleasant, SC
I'm so glad I saw your advertisement in my mail!
Testimonial by Cynthia H. from Mount Pleasant, SC

Leading foundation repair company serving Charleston County, South Carolina

Customers contact us with all types of concerns ranging from wall cracks to sagging floors, sticking doors and windows, crawl space humidity, and more.  When it comes to foundation problems, we have the solutions! 

Services We Offer in Charleston County:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • Push Pier, Helical Pile, & Helical Pier Installation.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • PolyLevel┬« concrete lifting & leveling.
  • Slab jacking & mudjacking alternatives.
  • Crawl space structural repair.
  • Commercial foundation repair.
  • Concrete driveway repair & leveling.
  • Concrete sidewalk repair & leveling.
  • Pool deck repair.
  • Financing Available.
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installations.

Foundation Problems We Fix:      

  • House settling and sinking
  • Windows and doors sticking
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting and bowing walls
  • Floor and wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers and slab piers
  • Wall anchor covers
  • Street creep system
  • Channel anchor
  • Wall repair system
  • Wall reinforcing system

What Makes Us Different?

As a trusted Foundation Supportworks dealer in Charleston County, SC, we use state-of-the-art products and technology designed to fix your home for good. We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We have experts trained and to answer all your questions and help you choose a solution that works for you and your budget. 

Contact us today to learn more about the foundation piers we install for underpinning, house settling, cracked foundations, and house leveling. Our services will resolve the root source of the problem and we are here to help should any questions arise. 

Case Studies From Charleston County
These concerned homeowners called Cantey Foundation Specialists after discovering a crack in their Charleston, SC home's slab. Their tile had begun...
Job Stories From Charleston County, SC
Brookdale Senior Living Center of Charleston Stabilizes their Sidewalks

Brookdale Senior Living in Charleston, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists because they needed to level and stabilize their sidewalks.  Worried about tripping hazards, Brookdale wanted to ensure that the elderly would not fall and hurt themselves while walking in between buildings on the compound.  PolyLEVEL technician and foreman TJ Harden and crew member Ryan McPherson filled all voids underneath the cement slabs, which stabilized the sidewalk from ever settling further into the soil.  By also filling these voids, the PolyLEVEL material lifted and leveled the sidewalk perfectly.  Cantey was happy to help Brookdale and its residents with a quick but safe solution!

Brookdale Senior Living Center of Charleston Stabilizes their Sidewalks - Photo 1
Wood Beam Replace and Sump Pump Installed in Charleston, SC

Josh S. of Charleston, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists because he recently bought a new house, he wanted to make sure his home's foundation was stable.  Upon inspection, System Design Specialist Grayson Forehand found extensive termite damage to the center beam of his home.  There was also a pooling of water issue in one area of the crawl space.  Specialist Grayson recommended a sump pump and replacement of any damaged wood.  Production Crew Foreman Israel Santana and his crew installed the recommendations, and now Josh can start remodeling the rest of his home!

Wood Beam Replace and Sump Pump Installed in Charleston, SC - Photo 1
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mount Pleasant, SC

In Mount Pleasant, SC Alexis L. realized she had humidity and condensation problems in her crawlspace. She called Cantey Foundation Specialists to come give her a free estimate. System Design Specialist Grayson Forehand inspected the job and recommended a CleanSpace, Sanidry CX, and a SmartSump System. The Sanidry CX keeps the air dry of any moisture that might come in the crawlspace while the SmartSump pumps out any water that would get into the crawlspace. Alexis now does not have to worry about her clean space having moisture issues anymore.  

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mount Pleasant, SC - Photo 1
Kershaw, SC Home Stablized with Smart Jacks

Sara S. is a homeowner is Kershaw, SC who has been living with sagging floors ever since she bought the house 25 years ago. At first, she didn’t think anything of it because it didn’t bother her that bad. As time went on, however, she noticed it more and more. The more she noticed it the more it bothered her. She finally gave in and got someone from her church who had a contrition back ground to come look at it. After he had finished his look around he told her that her floor joist was beginning to give and that she needed them replaced. This didn’t surprise her because that’s exactly what she thought as well so she got them replaced and thought nothing of it. Once again as time goes on she started noticing the sagging again. Frustrated with her floors she calls back her construction friend to look at it once more. This time he tells her that he doesn’t know what it could be, that it’s beyond his understanding at this point. After venting to her friends at church about how aggravated she is with the floors one of her friends recommends she calls Cantey Foundation Specialists to check it out so she does. Specialist Richard Early came out to Sara’s home and gave her a free inspection. After the inspection was done Richard explained to her that it wasn’t her floors that was the problem but her wall. “My wall!?”, she said. “Yes, your wall”, Richard replied. “Sagging walls can often cause rippling effects such as high and low points in your floors. That happens to be the case here”, he explained. He then explained how Cantey’s patented Smart Jack system was the solution to her problems. Production Team Leader Scott and Team Member Kenneth were quickly dispatched to Sara’s home and began working. They made efficient and effective work of the situation installing the Smart Jacks for Sara. “I just can’t find the works to say how happy I am this mess is fixed now, it’s given me this much trouble I’m just glad it’s over”, Sara said. Thanks to Cantey, Sara can now have the peace and enjoyment of her home that she always deserved.

CleanSpace Seals Home in Adams Run, SC

Jane Y. is a homeowner in Adams Run, SC who had a moisture issue. Jane's crawl space was taking on to much moisture from outside and mold and water were beginning to build up. Jane knew little to nothing about her crawl space and knew that she needed professional help. Then her Mom, who already had work done by Cantey, recommended Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free inspection. Jane called and Specialist Craig came out her home and did the inspection. After the inspection, he explained to her that because of the area around her the best solution would be Cantey's patented CleanSpace. A CleanSpace is designed to block moisture and prevent it from entering the crawl space. Next, Team Leader Dallas Darity, Team Member Dallas Elgin, and Team Member Eric came out to Jane's home and installed her CleanSpace. Afterwards, Jane exclaimed how happy she was. "I feel great now that I don't have to worry about my home anymore. Cantey was truly awesome and did a great job." Now Jane can relax because Cantey did the job right the first time.

PolyLevel Levels Garage in Awendaw, SC

Mark H. is a homeowner in Awendaw, SC. Mark loves to spend time in his garage, which he has turned into a man-cave. Mark jumps and thrashes around in his man-cave, yelling and sports and cheering with his friends for his favorite teams. The only issue is that Mark’s man-cave was settling. A void had appeared underneath the garage’s slab and was causing it to sink on one side. This caused Mark and his friends all sorts of problems. They were afraid to all meet again because they worried their combined weight would make things worse than they are. Mark decided that he couldn’t let his hard work and dedication to his space go to waste. He decided to call Cantey Foundation Specialists after a co-worker suggested that he do so. Specialist Alex Lovette came out to Mark’s home for a free inspection. Afterwards, Alex explained that the solution to Mark’s man-cave issues was Cantey’s patented PolyLevel process. PolyLevel works by injecting polyurethane underneath the slab. This polyurethane expands and hardens effectively lifting and leveling the sunken end. Team Leader TJ and Team Member Jeremy came out to Mark’s home and began working. Throughout the process Mark watch. Mark said, “Wow, that’s really crazy. Look how much it’s coming up. I can physically see the product working. That really is amazing.” After the work was complete the first thing Mark did was jumped up and down to test out the stability. “This is sweet”, he said. “This is exactly what me and the guys needed.” Now Mark and his friends can enjoy Mark’s man-cave once again.   

Woodworking Helps to Recreate Charleston, SC Charm

Brian P. is a property owner in Charleston, SC and recently purchased a house he believes he can revive. The house was built in the 1950s and since then was not taken care of very well. Brian had hope when he saw it though, thinking he could bring back that Charleston charm that the home once had. First, he needed to completely rebuild the floors and needed to find the right company for the job. An internet search brought him to Cantey Foundation Specialists home page and he called in to schedule an inspection. System Design Specialist Craig Adams met Brian at the house and inspected the floors. Specialist Craig determined that Cantey could definitely help Brian with the woodworking he needed to be done to begin his restoring project. Production Team Leader Sean Hawkes, Production Team Member Jesus Gonzalez, Production Team Member Diego Sanchez, Production Team Member Juan Ramirez, Production Team Member Matthew Williams, and Production Team Member Robert Gardener arrived and successfully rebuilt the floors. Brian is now on his way to giving this Charleston house its charm back.

Woodworking Helps to Recreate Charleston, SC Charm - Photo 1Woodworking Helps to Recreate Charleston, SC Charm - Photo 2
Woodworking Helps Property Flipper Get Started in Charleston, SC

Brian P. is a business man in Charleston, SC that enjoys taking older, run down homes and turning them into beautifully renovated houses. He often finds homes that need a complete overhaul which was the case for this project. Close to downtown Charleston sat a house that no one had touched in years. This home did not even have flooring to get started on renovations. Brian wanted to find the best company to help him get started on making this home beautiful once again. Someone else in Brian's line of business recommended that he call Cantey Foundation Specialists because of their woodworking skill. Brian called into Cantey and was set up with an appointment. System Design Specialist Craig Adams came out to the site and did an inspection of the entire home. Craig told Brian that Cantey could definitely do the woodworking it would take to start on this home. Brian felt confident with Cantey's ability after speaking with Craig and decided this was the company he wanted to assist him. Production Team Leader Sean Hawkes, Production Team Member Diego Sanchez, Production Team Member Jesus Gonzalez, Production Team Member Juan Ramirez, Production Team Member Matthew Williams, and Production Team Member Robert Gardner got to work and successfully completed the woodworking. Brian is now moving forward with his plans to make this home beautiful and is looking forward to working with Cantey again in the future.

Woodworking Helps Property Flipper Get Started in Charleston, SC - Photo 1
SmartJacks Restore Childhood Home in Johns Island, SC

Jeremy M. has lived in his Johns Island, SC home for as long as he can remember. He inherited his childhood home from his parents and could not imagine living anywhere else. He loves living in the low country and having the ability to enjoy the beach. The only downside to the low country for him has always been the toll it takes on his home. He had noticed that his living room floor was beginning to slope and knew that soil had washed out underneath his home. He had previously had some wood replaced by Cantey Foundation Specialists so he gave them a call for a new solution. System Design Specialist Kendall Moore arrived and inspected the crawl space and found that Jeremy's home just needed some extra support. Kendall recommended Cantey's patented SmartJack system to Jeremy as a lasting solution. The installation would start by removing sections of soil where the tightly compacted crushed stone would fill to create a stable base for the footing to be placed on top. A steel beam that would be specifically cut to fit Richard's crawl space would then be placed on top of the footing and attached to the top of the crawl space. These steel beams or SmartJacks could then be adjusted to lift the kitchen floor to its proper position. Production Team Leader Juan Ramirez, Production Team Member Matthew Williams, and Production Team Member Robert Gardner came out and successfully installed the SmartJack system. Jeremy is thankful to Cantey for restoring his childhood home and recommends this company to anyone in need of foundation repair.

Constant Flooding Damage Fixed in Charleston, SC

Constant issues with flooding and excess moisture, had turned Clay W. of Charleston, SC's crawlspace and yard into a swamp. He called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a FREE inspection and estimate. Issues to be addressed were creating a Cleanspace; addressing Crawlspace and Drainage issues; and Sagging Floors. Once these areas of concern were addressed, Clay W. had the peace of mind he needed for his family home to be in great shape for years to come. 

Push Piers & Smart Jacks in Charleston. SC

Cantey Foundation Specialists recently helped Jessie and Dan P of Charleston, SC. They recently purchased this house a couple months ago and they want to renovate it. They were told about some exterior cracks on the house. Therefore, they called us to take a look at it. We sent our System Design Specialist out for a FREE inspection and estimate. While there the Specialist showed both Dan and Jesse with a laser level on the house where the exterior crack is located along with pictures of inside the crawlspace and other issues that they were not aware of. Dan was very troubled at the additional discoveries. He expressed that he would like to get multiple quotes to make sure the job is done correctly. From there, the Design Specialist and the homeowners had a lengthy conversation about Cantey and how we can get this job done properly for them. After going over the solutions and options once more, both Dan and Jessie decided to proceed with the project. Shortly thereafter Cantey Foundation Specialists installed push piers, jacks on the main beam, jacks with supplemental beams and remove all the excess insulation.

Second Opinions Matter in Adam's Run, SC

We recently helped A. Mixon and her husband of Adam's Run, SC get their home sold. They had another company come out and were planning on moving forward with the competitor, but still wanted a second opinion. After a thorough inspection by our Cantey Foundation System Design Specialist, we looked at the original quote and they had missed 26’ of rotted main beam, which put our quote higher than theirs. Once they saw the difference in what had been found and what Cantey was prepared to offer for a permanent solution, the price no longer mattered.

Preparing for a growing family in Awendaw, SC

Cantey Foundation Specialists will be helping the Cromer family of Awendaw, SC with Phase 1 of their home expansion project by installing Smart Jacks and beam in several areas of their house so that they can get their upstairs finished and move their three kids up there and out of their hair downstairs. A growing family- Cantey Can Fix That!

Concrete LIfting Company in Mt. Pleasant, SC
Cantey Foundation Specialists recently helped Mr. Stone (no pun intended) of Mt. Pleasant, SC stabilize his pool deck using our PolyLevel Lift System. This is going to allow him to have a cover made for it so he can finally quit cleaning the pine needles from his neighbor's trees out of it. While there, Mr. stone also decided to have us help him stabilize his back patio as well.
Concrete Lifting in Mount Pleasant, SC

Recently the Cantey Foundation Specialists team help Mr. Donald of Mount Peasant, SC with peace of mind by stabilizing and protecting a portion of his driveway with a concrete PolyLevel lift. This will permanently stabilize and protect the new driveway.

Work Requests From Charleston County, SC
Project Location: Charleston, SC
Need to get a quote for needed Crawl Space duct work repairs and or replacement; and create additional crawl space entry point that is more accessible than current one. Thanks, John
Project Location: Charleston, SC
Had a home inspection on a property i am representing the buyer on and was advised by the home inspector to get a foundation expert to advise on the condition of the foundation and to suggest areas of concerns.
Project Location: Charleston, SC
I need to check moisture in the crawl space. I've noticed my floors inside are bowing up. Also, help with drainage issues around house.
Project Location: Charleston, SC
I am actually about the purchase the house and have a 10-day due diligence period. There is a bow on the main level and I would like to have it looked at before we finalize the purchase.
Project Location: Charleston, SC
We bought a house in May, and there is a concrete slab in the backyard where the former owner was going to put a shed, which I would also like to do. However... water pools right in the middle of it and stays for 7-10 days. It has water rings in it. I would like someone to look at it and maybe level it so the water runs off in to the grass so I can put a shed there one day.
Project Location: Charleston, SC
Interest in crawl space vapor barrier
Project Location: Charleston, SC
Hi, I would like someone to take a look at my crawlspace and see if it needs any work. Specifically looking at encapsulation and moisture removal. Thank you
Project Location: Charleston, SC
Cinder block wall was pushed in by a forklift and needs repaired
Project Location: Charleston, SC
We have a 100 plus year old section of one of our admin buildings that we're concerned regarding structural intergrity of the foundation as well as crawl space remediation for mold.
Project Location: Charleston, MD
There are three failing piers under the house that need addressed.
Project Location: Charleston, SC
I am looking to install a vapor barrier in the crawlspace of my home.
Project Location: Charleston, SC
My home is 10 feet up on concrete pilings. Noticed some issues like floors not level. Would like you to assess if a problem and if so what the estimate to fix would be. Thanks.
Project Location: Charleston, SC
I was having the roof redone and found the chimney has separated from the house. It looks like it settled, pulling the chimney away from the house. Do you repair its foundation?
Project Location: Charleston, SC
I would like to have my home inspected for potential foundation repair.
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