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Before and After Pictures from Florence County
Broken Concrete Patio in Scranton, SC Remended

Broken Concrete Patio in Scranton, SC Remended

Before After
Broken Concrete Patio in Scranton, SC Remended Broken Concrete Patio in Scranton, SC Remended

PolyLevel fixes the cracks and raises the unlevel concrete on this patio in Scranton, SC

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Reviews From Florence County
Testimonials From Florence County
Everything went according to plan.
Testimonial by Steve E. from Effingham, SC
My mother told me that she was very impressed with the respectful crew who had the work done quickly and...
Testimonial by Elijah G. from Timmonsville, SC

Are you worried about the state of your home or business' foundation in Florence County? When soil conditions, rainfall, and other factors align over time, you can find yourself with a sinking, settling foundation. With many years of experience in the foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing industries, Cantey Foundation Specialists has the tools you need for a safer, drier home. Customers contact us with all types of concerns ranging from wall cracks to sagging floors, sticking doors and windows, crawl space humidity, and more. When it comes to foundation problems, we have the solutions! 

Residential and commercial foundations in Florence County

Foundation problems tend to develop slowly, but if you don't keep an eye on them and make repairs when necessary, you will find yourself spending a whole lot of money down the line. Bowing walls, sagging floors, sticking windows and more will make life at home uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Additionally, when it's time to sell your home, you'll either have to resolve all foundation problems or take a hit on your home's overall value.

Cantey Foundation Specialists offers a variety of affordable, proven solutions for all of your foundation repair needs. Our specialists can inspect your foundation, pinpointing all problem areas and coming up with the best plan of action.

Foundation Problems We Fix:      

  • House settling and sinking
  • Windows and doors sticking
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting and bowing walls
  • Floor and wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers and slab piers
  • Wall anchor covers
  • Street creep system
  • Channel anchor
  • Wall repair system
  • Wall reinforcing system

In addition to our residential foundation repair services, we also provide support for commercial foundations. Not only can we offer reliable repairs for existing foundations, but we can also take on end-bearing deep foundations for new commercial construction. Using a variety of equipment built for commercial and government projects, such as helical piles and anchors, helix piers, tieback anchors, and more, you can trust Cantey Foundation Specialists for all of your foundation design and restoration needs.

Crawl space encapsulation and repair

Humid crawl spaces are breeding grounds for mold and rot, causing structural and air quality problems for the rest of your home. What's even worse is that traditional methods of keeping crawl spaces dry, such as venting, have been proven time and time again to create more problems than they solve.

Cantey Foundation Specialists offers complete crawl space repair and encapsulation services using the CleanSpace system. By installing a crawl space vapor barrier and additional products like thermal insulation, dehumidifiers, or drainage matting if need be, you can create a fully enclosed, arid crawl space that won't allow for any moisture to enter.

If your crawl space has rotted or sagging support joists, we can also assist by installing our galvanized steel crawl space support jacks. Your crawl space bears the weight of the floors above, so having stable supports is crucial!

Florence County, SC basement waterproofing

Does your basement leak or flood every time it rains? Do you have mold, musty smells, chalky looking deposits on basement walls, or does your basement feel really humid in general? Even though they might not seem that serious, all of these are signs that you may have a basement water problem.

A wet, moldy basement will spur allergy issues, lower home value, and make your basement an unusable space. But with a basement waterproofing system from Cantey Foundation Specialists, you can transform a damp basement into a dry, attractive space. Our basement waterproofing solutions, developed by Basement Systems, include many products and techniques:

  • Drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Basement dehumidifiers
  • Wall coverings
  • Basement flooring
  • Basement windows
  • Water heater flood protection

No matter how big or small or a water problem your basement may have, it's always prudent to act sooner rather than later - before mold grows and damages to your personal property add up. Cantey Foundation Specialists's proven basement waterproofing services can help you get your basement back to normal.

PolyLevel® for concrete leveling & lifting

Sunken, uneven concrete creates tripping hazards all around your property; it also makes a huge eyesore. Cantey Foundation Specialists uses PolyLevel® to lift and level concrete slabs back to their original position. PolyLevel® is a lightweight polyurethane foaming agent that is injected into a small hole beneath your concrete. This foam reacts and expands into a strong yet lightweight support system for the concrete below. For as fast-acting, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly solution to concrete settling, Cantey Foundation Specialists and PolyLevel® are what you need!

For all of your foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and concrete leveling needs, Cantey Foundation Specialists can provide you with industry-leading solutions installed by technical experts. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free estimate in Florence County! Our services will resolve the root source of the problem and we are here to help should any questions arise. 

Job Stories From Florence County, SC
Sagging Floors Stabilized through SmartJack System in Florence, SC

Customer Terry T. called Cantey Foundation Specialists because he was concerned about the sagging floors in his home.  During Terry's free estimation, System Design Specialist James Davis explained that his sagging floors were caused by the weakened columns and settling soil underneath his home.  Specialist James recommended installation of the patented SmartJack System, which would lift and stabilize the floor and home.  He also recommended a vapor barrier to prevent dirt or moisture to directly impair the remaining wood joists in the crawlspace.

Production Crew Foreman Sixto Lopez and crew members Ethen and Mariano arrived on the scene, ready to work rain or shine.  Though it was raining, Sixto and his team installed over 10 SmartJacks and its many supplemental beams.  They also layed down a vapor barrier in the clean and newly renovated crawl space.  

Customer Terry T. is now worry free about his sagging floors; they are now fully supported and will no longer settle!  Cantey Foundation Specialists are pleased that they could help solve Terry's sagging floor problem once and for all!

Sagging Floors Stabilized through SmartJack System in Florence, SC - Photo 1Sagging Floors Stabilized through SmartJack System in Florence, SC - Photo 2
Cantey Treats Mold in Effingham, SC

Linda B. is a homeowner in Effingham, SC who has a mold problem. Linda's issue started a few years ago when she went underneath her home to check her crawl space, and she saw that some mold was starting to grow. She decided to use some anti-mold formula that you can buy at the hardware store and hope that it would get rid of her problem. A few years later, she decided to check on it again and saw that the mold had not only stayed but also spread to dangerous levels. The amount of mold she was experiencing was causing so much damage to her house and floors that she needed to renovate.  However, before she could do that, she needed to get rid of the mold so she called Cantey Foundation Specialists. Specialist Ward Purvis explained to Linda that Cantey could do the job. We used our Mold-X treatment to kill and prevent mold from coming back to Linda's home so she could get her renovations done and feel good knowing that Cantey had her back.

Cantey Treats Mold in Effingham, SC - Photo 1Cantey Treats Mold in Effingham, SC - Photo 2Cantey Treats Mold in Effingham, SC - Photo 3
Woodwork in Effingham, SC

Phillp M. is a homeowner in Effingham, SC who enjoys to work around his home. He has a garden that he tends to every week and enjoys the taste of the fruits and vegetables that he grows with his own two hands. "They taste better than store bought produce because my hard work and dedication went into growing them", he said. Even though Phillip is an outdoors kind of guy there are still things that he can't do by himself. Phillp noticed that a section under near his crawl space entrance looked to be in disrepair. This bothered him because he didn't know much about woodwork or what he could do to fix it. After seeing an advertisement on the television Phillp decided to call Cantey Foundation Specialists to help. Specialist Katherine Dillon went out to Phillp's home and explained to him that because of the moisture under his crawl space the wood was rotting and the insulation was falling down. She then explained that Cantey could replace the wood with our treated lumber and take down the insulation. Team Leader Israel, Team Member Jonathan, and Team Member Austin came to Phillp's home and replaced the rotten wood and took down his insulation. Phillp was excited to see his problem go and said, "If I could have done it myself I would've, but Cantey really came through for me".

Woodwork in Effingham, SC - Photo 1Woodwork in Effingham, SC - Photo 2
CleanSpace and Dehumidifier Save Floor Joist in Lake City, SC

Steve A. is a homeowner in Lake City, SC. Steve had a problem with his crawl space that he absolutely felt he needed to get resolved. Steve’s crawl space was to humid for his liking and it was beginning to rot his floor joist. Steve is a hardworking man who enjoys coming home and being able to relax after working all day. However, with this issue he couldn’t relax. Steve had to do something about it so he could get his peace of mind back. After hearing about Cantey Foundation Specialists from neighbors and all the great work we do, he decided to give us a call. Specialist Michael Scott came out to Steve’s home for a free inspection. Michael then explained that, in addition to replacing the rotten would, Cantey’s patented CleanSpace and Dehumidifier was the solution he was looking for. A CleanSpace is designed to block moisture from entering a crawl space and a Dehumidifier is designed to make the crawl space drier to reduce the moisture level even further. These two combined preserve your floor joist and save you money on your power bill. Team Leader Matt, Team Member David, and Team Member Robert came out to Steve’s home and installed the products for him. He was so happy after the job was complete. “Cantey really did an amazing job here, I’m really happy that it turned out this good,” Steve said. Now Steve can come home and relax once more knowing Cantey did the job right.

CleanSpace Helps With Asthma in Lake City, SC

Chris T. is a homeowner in Lake City, SC. Chris and his wife, Amanda, have lived in their home for a little under a year now. Amanda has bad allergies and Asthma attacks so Chris has been careful about what he has exposed her to and is always conscious about what he brings around her. However, the thing that Chris couldn’t control is his wife’s reaction to the insulation underneath their home. Not many people are aware, but most of your homes air flow comes from your crawl space. Since this is the case, Chris knew he had to do something about it. After hearing a TV advertisement for Cantey Foundation Specialists, he decided to give us a call. Specialist Jamie Beresford came out to Chris’s home for a free inspection. After the inspection, Jamie explained to Chris that Cantey’s patented CleanSpace was the solution he was looking for. With a CleanSpace, we can take out the insulation and install our CleanSpace and rid your homes air flow from anything harmful to you and your loved ones. Team Leader Matt, Team Member Robert, and Team Member David came out to Chris’s home and efficiently installed the CleanSpace for him. “I was super surprised about how fast they finished, it truly was something awesome to see,” Chris said. Now Chris and Amanda can enjoy their home without worrying about Amanda’s allergies and asthma so much.

SmartJacks Ease Worry in Lake City, SC


Jerry F. is a homeowner in Lake City, SC. Jerry and his wife like to spend time together going out to dinner, spending time at the movies, and taking vacations. They live and relaxed life and just go with the flow. This changed whenever they found out they’re floors were sagging. Jerry’s wife is a bit of a perfectionist and cannot stand when things are out of place or disorganized. Jerry is also a bit OCD and doesn’t like the idea of his home being in disarray. Both agreed that they needed to do something about this and restore order to their home. A friend of Jerry’s recommended that they call Cantey Foundation Specialists after he had some work previous done by us. Jerry decided to call and schedule an appointment for a free inspection. Specialist Katherine Dillon came out to Jerry’s home and completed the inspection. She then explained that Cantey’s patented Smart Jack system was the solution they were looking for. Team Leader Trey, Team Member Jason, and Team Member Estevan came out to Jerry’s home and made efficient work of the situation. Afterwards, Jerry and his wife sighed a sigh of relief. Their home was finally back to normal.  Now Jerry and his wife can enjoy their live and home once again knowing Cantey did the job right.

Maintaining Property Value in Timmonsville, SC

The Cantey Crew recently helped K. Gray by maintaining her property value. Karen and her husband bought a house in Sumter with the intention to fix it up. A competitor had done some work for them about 3 years ago. They told us that they were not happy with the work, and there have been different employees out every time to address the problem. The Gray's were advised that they needed an encapsulation. They started getting other opinions because Mrs. Gray felt that she was being scammed. They were impressed with how thorough the Cantey inspection process was, and knowledgeable we were. The Gray's felt so good about Cantey that they wanted to replace the work they had previously done and Smart Jack's installed by Cantey. Cantey Foundation Specialists installed push piers, Smart Jacks and some supplemental beam to permanently stabilize the Gray home.

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Project Location: Florence, SC
I think I have joist issues floor is uneven....
Project Location: Florence, SC
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