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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: What Is The Purpose Of A Sump Pump

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Cantey’s patented Sump Pump is the premier solution for standing water in basements and crawlspaces. You may be asking yourself, how does it work. It can be useful information to know exactly what you are paying for and what your product does. Sump Pumps are specifically designed to funnel out water and moisture from your crawl space or basement to keep everything dry. Water, as you may or may not know, can damage many things underneath your home. It can rot your home’s floor joist and tear down your insulation. Excess water also increases the amount of settling your homes foundation experiences and can crack and damage walls and your foundation. Sump Pumps funnel and pump this water out of your home. Sump Pumps are installed in the lowest spot of your basement or crawlspace to make sure the flow of water reaches the pump. Also Water Gaurd is added to filter the water excreted by your home’s basement or crawl space walls towards the pump. Sump Pumps in combination with CleanSpaces and Dehumidifiers make a perfect combination and keep water levels at the lowest minimum. Sump Pumps are backed by the industries best warranties and Cantey’s best services offered.

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