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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: CleanSpace Saves Homeowner From Mold Growth in Slater-Marietta, SC

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Junior P. has lived in his Slater-Marietta home since 1983. It was originally a mobile home that he added on to slowly. Using his own two hands, he built the home he wanted and plans to stay in for the rest of his days. On Sundays, Junior usually goes to church with his mom and dad. He was running a little late and just grabbed his shoes out of the hall closet and slipped them on. When he got to church his mother commented on the mold that was growing on his shoes. Because he was in a hurry, Junior had not even noticed but wanted to investigate the closet when he got home that afternoon. Upon looking, Junior saw that mold was growing in the closet and it was starting to smell moldy. Junior remembered seeing an advertisement on the news the night before for Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided he would call. After calling in, he was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist Grant Davis. When Grant arrived for the appointment, he went into Junior's crawl space and took a look around. Grant found that there was an excessive amount of moisture and mold growth was high. He sat down with Junior and told him that the solution he needed to save his home and health from this kind of mold growth was Cantey's CleanSpace system. The CleanSpace system would begin with drainage matting being laid across the floor of the crawl space which would help excess moisture flow out. Then a thick liner of CleanSpace material would be installed along the floor, walls, and piers. A spray foam adhesive is then sprayed around the top of the CleanSpace liner to seal the waterproof barrier. Junior was impressed at how the CleanSpace system could not only protect his home but his health as well, he would no longer have to worry about mold growth. Production Team Leader Jonathan Lowder, Production Team Member Austin Boan, and Production Team Member David Herbert came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Junior is beyond happy with the results and has already felt a difference in the cleaner air he is breathing thanks to the help of Cantey.

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