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Commercial Foundations Photo Album: SmartJacks Raise Waterproofed Crawl Space in Columbia, SC

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Jim N. is a homeowner in Columbia, SC and plans for this to be his forever home with his wife. Jim has just entered retirement and plans on spending his time enjoying the golf course. He had always loved to golf but when he was working he just did not have the opportunity to go. One day after getting back from a day of golf, one of Jim's golf balls fell out of his bag and rolled across the floor. This was interesting to Jim because the way it rolled was telling of just how much his living room floor was sloping. Jim had previously called Cantey Foundation Specialists to waterproof his crawl space with their CleanSpace system and he trusted that they would also do a wonderful job on his foundation. He called in and System Design Specialist Michael Scott came out to inspect Jim's foundation. Specialist Michael found that Jim's foundation needed the assistance that Cantey's patented SmartJack system could provide. He explained to Jim that the problem was ultimately his soil and that the SmartJack system would create a competent foundation for his home. He further elaborate on the process telling Jim that soil would removed under the home and filled with tightly compacted stone. This would become a platform for the footing to rest upon. Then a steel beam cut with percision to fit under Jim's home would be placed on the footing and attached to a metal beam that would be installed along the top of the crawl space. Once these steal beams were attached they could be adjusted to provide lift to the floors and provide a stable foundation for Jim's home. Production Team Leader Dallas Darity, Production Team Member Dallas Elgin, Production Team Member David Watson, Prodution Team Member Dwight Clark, and Production Team Member Oscar Cortez came out and successfully installed the SmartJack system. Jim is now back to being worry free on the golf course thanks to Cantey's solution.

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