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Commercial Foundations Photo Album: SmartJacks Remove Tripping Hazard for Host in Central, SC

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Johnny D. has lived in Central, SC for his entire life and has owned his home there for about 10 years. He never plans to move away from Central, it is his hometown and where he feels the most comfortable. His home now is down the street from where he grew up. Johnny has always known his neighbors and most of the people of his town. Every year he likes to have everyone over for a Halloween party. When Sue from across the street arrived to help set up, she tripped over the entrance. The floor had begun to sink and Johnny had not noticed until this moment. He was sure someone else would fall because of the tripping hazard, so he had everyone come through the back door. A few days later, Johnny knew he had to do something and started searching for a local, reliable company to help him. During his search, he found Cantey Foundation Specialists and after calling in was scheduled for an inspection. System Design Specialist Ryan Holloway arrived for the inspection and looked over the entire crawl space. Ryan found that the area around the entrance to Johnny's home needed extra support which Cantey's SmartJack system could provide. The SmartJack system installation would start with soil being removed at the sites for the SmartJacks. These holes would then be filled with tightly compact crushed stone that would be the solid ground for the footing. The SmartJack would be specifically cut for Johnny's crawl space and attached to the footing as well as the beam above. Once the SmartJack is secure, it is then adjusted to create lift and stabilization for the floor above. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and effectively installed the SmartJack system. Johnny has peace of mind now that the next time he has company over, there will be no tripping hazards and his home is stabilized.

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