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Concrete Repair Photo Album: PolyLevel Levels Driveway for Wife in Columbia, SC

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John F. has lived in the same home in Columbia, SC ever since he and his wife got married 40 years ago. Often his wife has different things around the house she wants to be fixed. John does his best to give his wife what she wants but there are situations he just cannot fix himself. This type of situation arose when his wife tripped on the driveway coming back from getting the mail. The concrete had been unlevel for quite some time and was cracking. John did not want to have to replace the concrete because he knew how costly that would be. He asked one of his neighbors and they told him about Cantey Foundation Specialists. John called into Cantey to see if they could repair his concrete and was set up for an appointment with System Design Specialist Alex Lovette. Alex inspected the driveway and then sat down with John to explain Cantey's PolyLevel process. The installation would begin with small holes being drilled through the concrete. Then a liquid PolyLevel would be injected, filling all the voids that existed underneath the concrete. Within 15 seconds the PolyLevel begins to harden and after 30 minutes is completely set. Once the installation was complete, the holes would be filled and the driveway would look like new. John was impressed by what the PolyLevel process could do and loved that it came with a warranty as well. Production Team Leader Roberto Buchner and Production Team Member Josh Hough came out and effectively injected the PolyLevel process. John now has a level driveway and a happy wife, thanks to Cantey's solution.

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