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PolyLevel Saves Summer Fun for Family in Elgin, SC

Jim A. built his dream home in Elgin, SC in 2009. He and his wife wanted to be closer to their grandchildren when they retired so they built the perfect home to have their family over. The home included a pool area that they designed themselves. Since it was built, it has been important to Jim to take care of that area so his family can enjoy it. About a year ago he noticed that a concrete slab near the pool stairs was starting to sink. Because of the upcoming summer, Jim knew he had to get it fixed and fast. He did a search online for concrete repair and found Cantey Foundation Specialists. Cantey had a solution that would raise the sinking slab and make it level again. Jim called in and scheduled an appointment for a free inspection. System Design Specialist Chip Baxter came out and did a thorough inspection of the area. He sat down with Jim to explain how the PolyLevel solution works after the inspection. The PolyLevel solution would begin by drilling small holes through the concrete slab, then the liquid PolyLevel solution would be injected underneath the concrete slab. This solution then expands creating lift and stabilization. Within minutes, the solution completely hardens forming a stable foundation for the concrete slab. Jim was impressed with what this solution could do and scheduled an installation day. Production Crew Leader Roberto Buchner and Production Crew Member Brooks Walker came out and effectively installed the PolyLevel solution. Jim is now enjoying some summer fun with his children and grandchildren with no worries.

Pool Deck Cracks and Sinking Problems No More

Ernest T. called about his pool deck slab sinking in different places, causing pools of water and cracks. We scheduled him an appointment and came out to fix the problem. With Polylevel, we raised the sunken parts of the slab and were able to fill in the cracks to make the deck look like it was when it was first poured. Ernest was very happy with the final product and doesn't have to look at those ugly puddles of water sitting on his nice concrete deck anymore. 

Pool Deck Looks As Good As New

Our Polylevel easily raised this slab right back where it was supposed to be, permanently. It's amazing what a little polyurethane foam can do for your concrete slabs!   

Driveway Gets Joint Protection From Nexus Pro

If you’re worried about the longevity of your concrete, you may want to think about sealing the joints and cracks that make up your driveway, sidewalk, or other concrete feature. Nexus Pro is a silicone-based sealant that prevents water ice and dirt from infiltrating the concrete joint and the ground below. It can also work in the reverse by preventing things from below your concrete from rising up, such as radon gas. Finally, our Nexus Pro solution can help improve the look and finish of your concrete slab.


PolyLevel Removes Scary Tripping Hazard in Lexington, SC

Elaine E. moved into her Lexington, SC home 12 years ago with her family. It has been the perfect home for them since they love to be outside. The pool out back and the views of the lake are the perfect setting for her family. The concrete around the pool is beautiful and even includes a compass etched in near the pool. About two years ago, Elaine noticed that one of the concrete slabs near the entrance of the pool was sinking. This did not become a concern until her son tripped and fell on the gap that had formed there. Elaine knew that she had to get it fixed and secure the rest of the area so that no one else would get hurt. She went on HomeAdvisor looking for a company that could repair the concrete without having to replace it. She found Cantey Foundation Specialists and they came highly recommended. She put in a request and was called soon after to schedule an appointment for an inspection. System Design Specialist TJ Harden arrived for the appointment and did a thorough inspection of the whole pool deck. He determined that Cantey's PolyLevel solution could fix the problem area as well as stabilize the rest of the pool area. He explained to Elaine that the process would begin with the crew drilling small holes through the concrete. The PolyLevel solution would then be injected underneath the concrete slab. This solution would start as a liquid and expand, creating lift and stabilization. Within minutes this solution hardens, producing a solid foundation for the concrete slab. The drill holes are then filled and the project is complete. Elain was impressed that this process would allow her to keep her beautiful pool deck but also fix the area she was worried about. Production Crew Leader Roberto Buchner and Production Crew Member Brooks Walker arrived as scheduled and installed the PolyLevel solution successfully. Elaine can now let her children go out and play by the pool without worry.

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