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Foundation Repair Products Photo Album: Geo Anchors Installed in Clinton, SC

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Huge is a homeowner in Clinton, SC. Huge has a basement underneath his home that he enjoys spending time in. He likes to go down on Sunday and watch the football game and relax. Huge’s basement had some issues though. Huge’s basement wall had begun to bend inward due to pressure from the ground outside the wall. Huge couldn’t have his space falling apart so he decided to do something about it. Huge called Cantey Foundation Specialists. Specialist Jamie Beresford came out to Huge’s home for a free inspection. After the inspection, Jamie explained to Huge that the wall was bending in due to pressure from the ground and the pressure from the house on top of it. He then explained that Cantey’s patented Geo Anchors was the solution he was looking for. Geo Anchors are essentially anchors that attach themselves to bending or breaking walls and anchor them in place by a metal rod and plate that is buried in the ground. This secures the wall in place with the density of the earth. Team Leader Aubrey, Team Member Oscar, and Team Member Frank came out to Huge’s home and made quick work of the project. After the project, Huge was so happy to have his basement back to normal. Huge can now go back to enjoying the games now that Cantey did the job right.

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