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Foundation Repair Products Photo Album: Helical Piers Keep Home in Pristine Condition in Blythewood, SC

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Rick C. has lived in his Blythewood, SC home since it was built in the 1980s. He has always taken extra care of his largest investment, doing all the necessary repairs that have come up over the years. Being a responsible homeowner can sometimes be hard work, especially getting into more serious problems. While trimming the hedges, Rick noticed cracks forming on the side of his home. He knew this meant he had some foundation issues and worried about trying to find the right company for the job. Rick had one company come out and give him an estimate. They did not have a solution that impressed him or made him feel like it would be lasting. So he started searching the internet for another local company he felt like he could trust. Rick found Cantey Foundation Specialists and after reading some of their reviews felt confident in setting up an appointment. System Design Specialist Richard Early arrived for the appointment ready to inspect and afterward sat down with Rick to explain what solution Cantey could provide. Richard explained that helical piers would be a lasting solution for Rick's foundation issues. First, the soil is removed from the area where the helical piers will be installed. Then each pier is drilled into the ground to find competent soil. A heavy-duty bracket is then positioned below the footing after which the weight of the home is transferred through the piers lifting the home back to its original position. Rick really believed in this solution and its ability to be lasting. Production Team Leader Juan Ramirez, Production Team Member Matthew Williams, and Production Team Member Robert Gardner came out and effectively installed the Helical piers to Rick's home. Rick is thankful for the help that Cantey provided to assist him in continuing to keep his biggest investment in pristine condition.

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