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Foundation Repair Products Photo Album: Helical Piers Give Integrity Back to Specially Built Home in Irmo, SC

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Alan P. and his wife have owned their property in Irmo, SC for a long time now. Alan built his home from scratch with the help of his family and a few friends. It has been his pride and joy over the years, one of his favorite things he has accomplished in his lifetime. Recently, he noticed that the front porch was cracking and settling which made him nervous. His biggest investment and all his hard work could be in danger. Alan had a company come out and take a look but he was not convinced they really understood how important his home was to him. His neighbor suggested Cantey Foundation Specialists and Alan called in to schedule an appointment. System Design Specialist Jason Hugg came out and did a thorough inspection of the porch as well as the surrounding areas. Jason determined that the Cantey's Helical Pier system would be the right solution for Alan's home. The soil would be removed from the area where the Helical Piers would be installed. The foundation brackets can then be positioned below the footing. Then the Helical Pier is drilled into the ground to the proper depth to find competent weight bearing soil. The weight of the home is then shifted through the Helical Piers to the competent soil underneath. The piers would then lift the home back to its original position. Alan felt like Jason was sympathetic to his need to protect his home and Cantey would take great care of what he had worked so hard to build. Production Team Leader Juan Ramirez, Production Team Member David Watson, and Production Team Member Robert Gardner came out and effectively installed the Helical Pier system. Alan finally feels like his home is back to having a solid foundation and has recommended Cantey to others in need.

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