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Foundation Repair Products Photo Album: SmartJacks Form a Solid Base in Chapin, SC

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Steven W. has owned his home in Chapin, SC for about a year now. He and his wife bought a home soon after they got married that needed a little TLC. They knew that the home would require some hard work but felt that it would be worth it in the end. Their first major project was supposed to be remodeling the room beside the kitchen into an office. Upon further inspection in this room, however, Steven noticed that the floors seemed weak. He went into the crawl space and found that there were a few beams that were rotten. While listening to the radio on the way to work, Steven heard an advertisement for Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided to call in. He was scheduled for a FREE inspection with System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford. Jamie came out and did a thorough inspection of the crawl space before sitting down with Steven to show him what he found. Jamie told Steven that the rotten beams, of course, needed to be replaced but his floors would still need some extra support. Cantey's SmartJack system could provide the extra support needed. The system would start with soil removal under the areas that need extra support for each SmartJack. These areas are then filled with tightly compacted crushed stone to create a solid base for the SmartJacks. The footing is then installed on top of the stone and then each SmartJack is cut to perfectly fit the crawl space. The SmartJacks are then attached to the beam above and then adjusted to establish lift and stabilization. Steven felt that this system could allow him to move forward with his plans for his home and provide a solid foundation for years to come. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Zenen Dominguez and Production Team Member Johnathan Whitaker came out and successfully installed the SmartJack system. Steven is moving forward with his remodeling plans with solid floors as a base to get started. 

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