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Replacement of Rotten Wood in Fort Mill, SC

Norvell P. noticed settlement issues and sagging floors throughout his mother's home in Fort Mill, SC.  He said, "The kitchen floor seems to have spots where I can feel it dipping down and sinking down."  In order to protect their investment, Norvell researched online and found  Shortly after, System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford inspected the home, and he found rotten wood beams throughout the crawl space.  Knowing the structure was weakened because of the wood rot, Specialist Jamie advised that Norvell replace the wood rot right away so that the house would be structurally sound.   The Production Crew led by Foreman Matt Garcia replaced the outer rim joists and joist sisters with our treated lumber, and then pushed 3 Piers to stabilize the foundation from any future movement.  Norvell and his mother can now relax knowing that the home is safe to live in for many years to come!

Helical Piers Lift Hartsville, SC Home Back into Place

Billy & Axia J. of Hartsville, SC noticed that his exterior chimney was beginning to lean away from the home.  Worried that it could fall over and damage the home, they called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free estimate.  System Design Specialist Will Yarbrough inspected the exterior of their home, and found numerous exterior cracks in the brick near the chimney.  Because the soil surrounding the chimney was settling, the whole exterior wall was settling with it pulling the chimney away.  Specialist Will explained to Billy & Axia that the best solution is our helical piers which would lift and stabilize not only the chimney, but also the home back into place!

Push Piers Close Exterior Cracks in Florence, SC

When Caroline Adams renewed her home insurance policy, the inspector noted foundation damage.  Wanting to fix the issue right away, she called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free estimate.  System Design Specialist Will Yarbrough explained to Caroline that the best way to lift and stabilize her foundation is through our patented Push Pier System.  Cantey's Production Crew led by Foreman Ryan Shirley closed the exterior cracks in her brick and stabilized her home for many years to come!

Encapsulation in Myrtle Beach, SC

Josephine and Eric googled Cantey Foundation Specialists and called for their free estimate.  Upon arrival, CFS specialist Grayson Forehand was able to help Josephine and Eric with their concerns about their crawlspace.  The insulation had fallen from the ceiling in the crawlspace, and the humidity was above average, which allowed mold to grow.  The solution?  To rid of loose insulation, reinsulate, wrap the piers, and encapsulate the whole crawlspace.  Now Josephine and Eric have no worries about their crawlspace!

Slab Home in Conway Get's It's Foundation Lifted with PolyLevel

The Watts have a slab foundation that was sinking on one side of their house, causing the slab to crack on the other side. This made all their furniture and appliances start to offset from their walls. As a home owner, this can leave you some anxiety and a feeling of uncomfortableness in your own home. Luckily, we specialize in stabilization and providing as much lift as possible with any foundation. With our PolyLevel technology, we were able to totally stabilize and life their foundation back up to level, permanently.  

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