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Cantey Foundation Specialists is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Greer. Learn more about Cantey Foundation Specialists's recent work requests in Greer and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cantey Foundation Specialists' recent work requests in Greer, SC
Vicinity of Matalin Court in Greer
I would like an evaluation performed on my crawlspace and HVAC piping since there seems to be excessive condensation and I was informed that the crawl space had a higher than normal humidity rate.
Vicinity of Country Mist Drive in Greer
Need a dehumidifier installed in my crawlspace as soon as possible. Please call for a quote. Thank you.
Vicinity of Briar Creek Road in Greer
1) Garage floor has settled with some significant cracks and uneven areas 2) driveway needs to be repaired and resurfaced 3) same for front walkway
Vicinity of N Celestial Drive in Greer
Sinking driveway
Vicinity of Stone Hill Ct in Greer
Couple cracks in foundation. Some mold in crawl space and moisture.
Vicinity of Meadow Grove Way in Greer
Wanted to see what could be done for a front sidewalk that has settled lower than the drive.
Vicinity of Highfield Ct. in Greer
Driveway shifting and cracked
Vicinity of Bessie Avenue in Greer
I need to get someone to look at a basement that I am needing work on to take care of water intrusion.
Vicinity of Saratoga Drive in Greer
I have a foundation settling issue on the back of my house and would like someone to take a look at it.
Vicinity of Minert Ct. in Greer
Have noticed cracks in corners of the interior and exterior of the home. Walls, ceilings and slabs.
Vicinity of Fawnbrook Dr in Greer
Bought my house and next thing I knew, the pool deck around the pool started being uneven, cracked and settled in some places.
Vicinity of Endless Dr in Greer
Our front porch has sank in the middle of it several inches over the past 8 years. It has gotten worse in the last year. We are looking to get the home market ready.
Vicinity of Morgan Ct in Greer
Cement around pool sinking
Vicinity of Paddock Drive in Greer
Selling our home. Inspection revealed a few crawl space issues.
Vicinity of Pelham Street in Greer
I am in need of having my driveway paved and this will be the first time. It's a dirt driveway that needs to be leveled off. It's about 80 feet long and between 8 or 9 feet across at certain points.
Vicinity of Milford Church Rd in Greer
I have a house under contract that financing will be subject to some foundation repair and would like to get a quote. Please contact me. Thanks, Krissy
Vicinity of Killarney Lane in Greer
Looking to extend my driveway and repair some spots
Vicinity of Windrush Lane in Greer
Want a quote on best cost effective to drain crawl space. Lot is too level and water doesn't drain from middle of crawl space to the corner. Corner gravity system needs modifying as well. Not efficient.
Vicinity of Henderson Circle in Greer
Need foundation repair estimate
Vicinity of Annandale Ct in Greer
Sagging floor and cracking above door near front of home.
Vicinity of Chartwell Drive in Greer
I bought this house about a month ago and part of the foundation is exposed, need an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Willowgreen Way in Greer
I have a crawl that have mold and had standing water.
Vicinity of Bateswood Dr. in Greer
Too much moisture in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Avenue in Greer
Vicinity of MELLOW WAY in Greer
I have a crack in the upper part of the wall in one of my rooms. It has gotten larger in a short amount of time.
Vicinity of Burl Hollow Ln in Greer
Concrete slab porch sinking on one side
Vicinity of Deepwood Drive in Greer
I would like a crawl space assessment.
Vicinity of in Greer
Good afternoon, I have a slab foundation home and I believe one corner of the house is settling due to cracks running through kitchen that you can see through the linoleum flooring. Back door is also out of alignment since the crack has formed. Will need to get it looked at and evaluated. Thanks, Daniel
Vicinity of High Meadows Lane in Greer
Cracks in drywall and moisture under house
Vicinity of Hampton Ridge Dr in Greer
Our steps have shifted and there are places in the wall where it's starting to crack. We are worried that our foundation is shifting.
Vicinity of Myrtle Way in Greer
Second floor bedroom floor is sloping. The room sits over the garage and is the only room in the house with an uneven floor. The garage is on a slab and cannot see any cracks in the foundation under where the room sits. The house was built in 1999-2000.
Vicinity of Ansel School Rd. in Greer
My pool deck has several locations where the section of the pad has settled about 1/2 inch over 9 years and is now posing a trip hazard. I am getting ready to repair the pool edge coping and the replace the liner and want to fix the deck first.
Vicinity of Leesburg Peak in Greer
Side walk. Garage slab. Brick cracks.
Vicinity of BALLENGER RD in Greer
Carport slab is sinking somewhere, making the brick wall hang and can swing
Vicinity of Jade Tree Ct. in Greer
I'd like an estimate for having my crawl space encapsulated.
Vicinity of Jade Ct in Greer
Crawl space encapsulation?
Vicinity of Castellan Drive in Greer
Upstairs floors are half a bubble off level and crown molding seems to have pulled from ceiling. Seems obvious that the floor is uneven. Would like a free inspection and repair quote if it can be fixed at a reasonable cost.
Vicinity of Country Club Dr. in Greer
Hi, We are currently experiencing some foundation/settling issues with our home and are in the process of getting estimates for the repairs. Thanks!
Vicinity of Holliday Road in Greer
Crack in interior wall and ceiling
Vicinity of Care Ln in Greer
Two areas in my home have settled
Vicinity of Leesburg Peak in Greer
Cracks in wall and brick and garage/sidewalk slabs
Vicinity of Hartsdale Ct in Greer
Sagging, bouncing floors, cracking floors.
Vicinity of Brim Lane in Greer
Vicinity of Mosteller Dr in Greer
Our front porch is a solid block of concrete. Due to gutter issues it has sunk at least 2". The gutter issue has been addressed and I now would like an estimate on repairs to the porch.
Vicinity of Antigua Way in Greer
Interested in replacing vapor barrier in crawl space.
Vicinity of OAK RIDGE CT. in Greer
Several places: Sidewalk going to front door. Driveway Sidwalk on side of the house.
Vicinity of W. Hackney Rd. in Greer
Crawl space vapor barrier needs replaced
Vicinity of Rawlins Court in Greer
Drywall cracking, door sticking, floor creaking, residential home with I beam sag.
Vicinity of School St. in Greer
Two of our apartment buildings have large cracks both outside and inside the apartments.
Vicinity of Waterford Lane in Greer
Garage floor settling
Vicinity of Mahaffey Rd in Greer
We are remodeling a home that was built in 1974 and the kitchen and laundry is sagging.
Vicinity of Victor Ave in Greer
Looking to get an inspection and estimate if repairs are necessary. Wanting to put the house on the market.
Vicinity of Carriage Dr in Greer
Driveway settleing
Vicinity of Brockman Mcclimon Rd in Greer
Crawelspace wrap estimate and estimate on concerte driveway and walkway needs to be fixed.
Vicinity of Phillips Lane in Greer
I have a concrete slab on my pool deck that is setting and needs to be raised about 1 inch or so. I would like to get an estimate to repair.
Vicinity of Laramie Peak Lane in Greer
Uneven concrete in driveway and sidewalk.
Vicinity of Sugar Valley Ct in Greer
Corner foundation settlement
Vicinity of Riverton Ct in Greer
Garage floor is out of level from right to left.
Vicinity of Griffith Creek Drive in Greer
I have a situation where water is coming through my curtain wall in the crawl space. It is only during heavy rains, but is may have caused some house settling. Overall, I am concerned that the water coming in under the house will affect my piers long term.
Vicinity of Moriah Lane in Greer
Sag in crawl space under pinning.
Vicinity of Spartan Ct in Greer
Vicinity of James Rd in Greer
Closet door not closing, dip in floor, crack in brick foundation, spaces between molding and ceiling/walls widening, etc...
Vicinity of W Silverleaf St in Greer
Rain water leaking in through foundation into crawl space. Need quote on repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Marcie Rush Lane in Greer
I have had part of my driveway replaced and noticed that under my garage is about 2-3 inches of air between the dirt and my garage floor. The contractor who fixed the driveway said that he could not fix the interior. Is there a way fix this and allow for a car to sit ontop? It has not sunk yet but I do not park on in the garage because I am afraid that it will fail.
Vicinity of New Tarleton Way in Greer
Steps pulling away.
Vicinity of East Fairview Avenue in Greer
Front porch settling towards house.
Vicinity of Memorial Drive Extension in Greer
We have a slab home that has developed cracks in the foundation and would like to get it looked at.
Vicinity of Mount Vernon Road in Greer
Crack in mortar between bricks. Room lower at one corner.
Vicinity of Woodway Dr in Greer
Crack in brick wall. Has been same for several years but selling house and buyer needs this repaired.
Vicinity of Brigham Creek Dr in Greer
Don't have proper support of flooring. support beam off center and staircase dropping. also some settling problem due to water that got into crawl space after trees were cut down. some doors of upper level not closing during certain time of year and wall cracks
Vicinity of Mount Vernon Rd in Greer
Walls cracking, doors sticking.
Vicinity of Whitekirk Way in Greer
Just bought home and noticed wall cracks, cabinet separation in kitchen, and door frame cracks
Vicinity of Morrow Street in Greer
Cracks in Ceilings and walls. Wanting to fix any foundational problems before they become a large problem.
Vicinity of Crestwood Drive in Greer
Vertical, stairstep cracks in bricks pulling away from a window
Vicinity of PRISTINE DRIVE in Greer
After last summers heavy rain we had a moisture issue in crawl space and partially finished basement area. We put in a sealed crawl space system with a dehumidifier. A few months later we had three doors which consistently stick and numerous cracks in dry wall, especially around doors. There are no visible cracks in the foundation that i can see, but 80% is covered by dry system or brick veneer.
Vicinity of Sheffield Rd in Greer
We recently had an Engineer inspect foundation wall at our home that is on the market. He recommended building pilasters to resolve the issue and to fill in the crack in the foundation in main basement and crawl space. Work was done years ago to stabilize the wall and he doesn't think there has been any movement since that time. Need quote to repair and possibly waterproof. We have his report & recommendations with drawings. We need work done quickly and that will be a determining factor on who we choose. Thank you. JANE
Vicinity of Lantern Ln in Greer
Need house jacked on right side and 3 footers installed 24 x24 to engineers spec
Vicinity of Gladstone Way in Greer
Floor sagging
Vicinity of Hedgewood Ter in Greer
House has cracks in walls and floor. Crawl space collects water.
Vicinity of S. Buncombe St. in Greer
I'm considering purchasing a home that has been foreclosed on. I went inside the house today and noticed where the Heat/Blower unit had been installed in the hall way floor, there was a considerable slant in this floor. Went under the house to check it out and found that they had cut the joist out to accommodate the blower unit. That is what is causing the floor to sink. How much to repair this?
Vicinity of Meilland Dr in Greer
Water coming into crawl space

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