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Before and After Pictures from Lexington County
SmartJacks Replace Old Crawl Space Jacks in Columbia Home

SmartJacks Replace Old Crawl Space Jacks in Columbia Home

Before After
SmartJacks Replace Old Crawl Space Jacks in Columbia Home SmartJacks Replace Old Crawl Space Jacks in Columbia Home

Customer Paul P. of Columbia, SC began noticing cracks inside and outside his home.  He also noticed that his floors were sloping in certain areas, which concerned him.  Calling Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free estimate, System Design Specialist Will Yarbrough inspected the home, and he advised Paul to replace his old crawl space jacks because they were no longer supporting the structure.  Cantey sent in Production Crew Foreman Matt Garcia and his crew to replace the jacks with our patented SmartJack System.  Our SmartJacks are made out of galvanized steel so they are strong and resistant to corrosion, and our SmartJacks also solve the issue of problematic soils which created the problem in the first place!

PolyLevel and Push Piers Raise And Stabilize a Columbia, SC Home

PolyLevel and Push Piers Raise And Stabilize a Columbia, SC Home

Before After
PolyLevel and Push Piers Raise And Stabilize a Columbia, SC Home PolyLevel and Push Piers Raise And Stabilize a Columbia, SC Home

Customer Janet B. has owned and raised her family in this Columbia, SC home since 1989.  She moved to North Carolina over the past few years because of work reasons, but she wanted to fix the home now so that she can move back in when she retires.  After researching Cantey Foundation Specialists online, she called to make an appointment for a free estimate. System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford arrived at the house and recommended that Janet utilize our patented Polylevel process, which would lift and stabilize part of her slab foundation.  Jamie also recommended eight of our steel-galvanized Push Piers to stabilize her home. Production Crew Foremen TJ Harden and Ryan Shirley installed the PolyLevel and Push Piers to our high Cantey standard. The cracks are gone and the foundation is now stabilized so that Janet can fully enjoy her home when she retires.

Columbia Home Lifted and Stabilized with PolyLevel and Push Piers

Columbia Home Lifted and Stabilized with PolyLevel and Push Piers

Before After
Columbia Home Lifted and Stabilized with PolyLevel and Push Piers Columbia Home Lifted and Stabilized with PolyLevel and Push Piers

Marshall M. and his wife owned their Columbia home for many years, and they noticed settlement issues becoming worse and worse.  They wanted to fix the issues now to mitigate future problems.  After seeing Cantey Foundation Specialists' advertisement in the local Val-Pak, Marshall called for a free estimate.  System Design Specialist William Yarbrough inspected their home, and he noticed numerous large cracks in the exterior of the home, settlement in the garage, and drainage issues around the home.  Specialist William recommended that Push Piers would be installed to lift and stabilize the exterior of the home, while our patented PolyLevel could lift and stabilize the concrete slab garage.  He also recommended that Cantey install a drainage system around the home to allow rainwater to bypass and continue past the house rather than flooding the home and crawl space.  The Production Crew was the "Dream Team," which consists of three foreman, Dallas Darity, Justin Wheeler, and Junior Tamaya completed the project in a timely manner so that Marshall and his wife can be confident in living in their home for many years to come.

Trusted Foundation Repair, Crawl Space Repair & more in Lexington County, SC

I had a wonderful experience with the office staff.  And the sales rep! I chose Cantey because of his well...
Happy Customers Surrounding Lexington County, SC
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Reviews From Lexington County
Testimonials From Lexington County
Excellent presentation by Eddie.
Testimonial by Chuck R. from Columbia, SC
Justin kept me informed on what was going on, he was very well spoken and very knowledgeable.
Testimonial by Helen T. from Cayce, SC
I really needed to fix my foundation, and I knew your company offered better correct solution to fix my...
Testimonial by Josh L. from Lexington, SC

Experienced foundation repair company serving Lexington County, South Carolina

Customers contact us with all types of concerns ranging from wall cracks to sagging floors, sticking doors and windows, crawl space humidity, and more.  When it comes to foundation problems, we have the solutions! 

Services We Offer in Lexington County:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • Push Pier, Helical Pile, & Helical Pier Installation.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • PolyLevel┬« concrete lifting & leveling.
  • Slab jacking & mudjacking alternatives.
  • Crawl space structural repair.
  • Commercial foundation repair.
  • Concrete driveway repair & leveling.
  • Concrete sidewalk repair & leveling.
  • Pool deck repair.
  • Financing Available.
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installations.

Foundation Problems We Fix:      

  • House settling and sinking
  • Windows and doors sticking
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting and bowing walls
  • Floor and wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers and slab piers
  • Wall anchor covers
  • Street creep system
  • Channel anchor
  • Wall repair system
  • Wall reinforcing system

What Makes Us Different?

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. As a trusted Foundation Supportworks dealer in Lexington County, SC, we use state-of-the-art products and technology designed to fix your home for good. We have experts trained to answer all of your questions and help you choose the repairs that are right for your foundation and your budget.

Contact us today to learn more about the foundation piers we install for underpinning, house settling, cracked foundations, and house leveling. Our services will resolve the root source of the problem and we are here to help should any questions arise. 

Case Studies From Lexington County
Tired of looking at the exterior and interior cracks throughout her home, customer Margaret V. called Cantey Foundation Specialists to help...
The Fraziers discovered a crack in the brick of their 1970's home and wanted to have it sealed up. The back corner of the home was settling and two...
Job Stories From Lexington County, SC
Chapin, SC Home is Stabilized

Richard S. of Chapin, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists after his exterminator realized there was a bowing wall in his foundation.  The cement wall was barely connected to the wooden mainframe beams (pictured).  If it moved any further, the house would have fallen and created more serious problems.

Cantey Foundation Specialists brought in Production Crew Foreman Sixto Lopez and Production Crew Member Mariano to stabilize the home using SmartJacks, remove the current wall, and rebuild it in a secure fashion.  Now, Richard has the confidence that Cantey fixed his foundation, and his home will not buckle because of an unsturdy bowing wall!

Chapin, SC Home is Stabilized - Photo 1
Stabilization through PolyLEVEL inside Chapin Home

Vincent C.'s home on Lake Murray in Chapin, SC was primarily built upon a cement foundation.  During the flooding, he had a spot in his slab that leaked.  Wanting a solution to prevent this from happening again, he called Cantey Foundation Specialists to fix it.  Creating a dam between the slab and the ground to prevent the water table from rising through the slab, PolyLEVEL Technician and Foreman TJ Harden injected the polymer throughout the living room and bedroom to fill the voids underneath.  Now, Vincent does not have to worry about his home flooding or settling!

Stabilization through PolyLEVEL inside Chapin Home - Photo 1
Chapin Garage Floor Lifted with Patented PolyLEVEL

Jonathon L. of Chapin, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists because his garage concrete slab had sunk over 3 inches.  The stairs to enter his home via garage were not even touching the floor anymore, so he had two wood blocks to hold it up temporarily.  PolyLEVEL technician and Production Crew Foreman TJ Harden and Production Crew Member Ryan McPherson used our patented polyurethane PolyLEVEL system to raise and stabilize his garage.

Customer Jonathon was nice enough to brew some wonderful coffee and show us coffee bean plants.  

Within a few hours, Jonathon's garage was lifted over 3 inches and put back into place.  Through the process, the PolyLEVEL also stabilized the concrete slab, which ensured that the garage will not sink down again. 

Cantey was happy to help find a solution for Jonathon's problems!

Chapin Garage Floor Lifted with Patented PolyLEVEL - Photo 1Chapin Garage Floor Lifted with Patented PolyLEVEL - Photo 2
Push Piers Stabilize Home in Gilbert, SC

Elliott E. of Gilbert, SC noticed small cracks forming on one corner of his home.  Worried his home had major foundation issues, he called Cantey Foundation Specialists.  We sent in System Design Specialist Jason Hardage to inspect Elliott's home and give a free estimate.  Jason's solution to Elliott's foundation issues was to install two push piers on the one corner of his home.  This process would lift and stabilize his home without it ever settling again.  As Production Crew Foreman Sixto Lopez and Production Crew Member Mariano Amaya were able to install the two push piers and also close the small cracks that appeared on the external wall of the home.  We were happy to help Elliott fix his foundation issues!

Crawl Space Issues Fixed in Lexington, SC Home

Rod D. of Lexington, SC wanted to sell his home, but he knew he had some crawl space issues he must fix first before the home inspection.  After calling Cantey Foundation Specialists for his free estimate and inspection, System Design Specialist Eddie Mathis explained to Rod that he had numerous problem including drainage issues and mold growth.

Production Crew Foreman Israel Santana got rid of the mold growing on the surface of the wood beam structure; fortunately for Rod, the mold had not begun to break down the wood itself.  Next, the Production Crew graded and installed the sump pump to ensure that water flowing through the crawl space would be adequately pumping away from the home.  Lastly, the crew laid down a thick vapor barrier to keep the crawl space clean and keep moisture levels low.

Customer Rod D. was able to sell his house shortly after Cantey's life-changing customer service!

Crawl Space Issues Fixed in Lexington, SC Home - Photo 1Crawl Space Issues Fixed in Lexington, SC Home - Photo 2Crawl Space Issues Fixed in Lexington, SC Home - Photo 3
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mount Pleasant, SC

In Mount Pleasant, SC Alexis L. realized she had humidity and condensation problems in her crawlspace. She called Cantey Foundation Specialists to come give her a free estimate. System Design Specialist Grayson Forehand inspected the job and recommended a CleanSpace, Sanidry CX, and a SmartSump System. The Sanidry CX keeps the air dry of any moisture that might come in the crawlspace while the SmartSump pumps out any water that would get into the crawlspace. Alexis now does not have to worry about her clean space having moisture issues anymore.  

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mount Pleasant, SC - Photo 1
SmartJacks Help Customer Resell Home in Batesburg, SC

Michael C. is a homeowner in Batesburg, SC who was having trouble selling his home. Michael's home was in disrepair; the floors were sagging, his crawl space was a mess, and overall the home's foundation wasn't the most solid. Michael was in the middle of selling his home so he knew he had to do something fast. He decided to call Cantey Foundation Specialists, and Specialist James Davis explained to him that Cantey's SmartJacks could solve his problems and help sell his house. SmartJacks are Cantey's patented system to raise, level, and re-enforce structural floors and keep floors from sagging for many years. Cantey's Team Members were quickly dispatched and installed the SmartJacks in a timely and efficient manner.  Michael was able to sell his home shortly after with the ability to transfer his lifetime warranty to the new homeowners.

Sump Pump Gets Rid of Unwanted Moisture in Lexington, SC

Keith S. is a DIY homeowner. He is very knowledgeable about his home and how he would like to improve it. However, Keith doesn't know how to solve his home's moisture problem. He has been renovating his basement but the dry wall keeps getting moist and ruined. After hearing about Cantey Foundation Specialists on the radio and hear the great work we do in his area, Keith decides to give us a call. Specialist John Adams comes out to his home for a free inspection and explains to him that a Sump Pump would solve his problem. Sump Pumps pump out unwanted moisture in a space after it is filtered and guided to it by barriers placed on the walls. Team Leader Aubrey, Team Member Oscar and Team Member Frank were dispatched to Keith's home and made efficient work of his problem. Keith was so happy that Cantey was there to help. "I can do a lot, but there are some things that are beyond me. That's why I'm glad I called Cantey." Now Keith can go back to renovating his home the way he wants to without the worry.

Sump Pump Gets Rid of Unwanted Moisture in Lexington, SC - Photo 1Sump Pump Gets Rid of Unwanted Moisture in Lexington, SC - Photo 2Sump Pump Gets Rid of Unwanted Moisture in Lexington, SC - Photo 3
Push Piers Secure and Raise Broken Home in Chesnee, SC

David R. is a homeowner in Chesnee, SC. David has lived in his home now for the past 5 years. He loves the area that he lives in. He lives in an area that’s close to his work and his child’s school, so it’s very convenient for him. He can drive anywhere he needs to go without having to worry about taking too long to get there or something happening while he is away and that’s the way he likes it. David is a man who enjoys security and stability in his life. That is until he found out his home’s foundation was beginning to deteriorate. This news upset David, he didn’t know what to do. Something like this hadn’t happened to him or anyone he knew before. He was at a loss. He was explaining his situation to people at his work when a co-worker recommended he call Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free quote. Specialist Kathrine Dillon came out to David’s home and explained to him that over the years his homes foundation had settled causing it to break apart due to the strain. She then went on to explain to him that Cantey’s patented Push Pier system was the solution he was looking for. Push Piers come with a lifetime transferable warranty so you are covered and can enjoy your home for as long as you want. Team Leader Aubrey, Team Member Frank, and Team Member Oscar came out to David’s home and effectively installed his Push Pier. Afterwards, David couldn’t believe how much better it looked. It was a completely different sight than before. Now David can enjoying his home once again thanks to Cantey.

Push Piers Save Jeep from Harm in Gilbert, SC

Dwight S. built his home back in the 1970s in Gilbert, SC. He knew that Gilbert had always been his home and would continue to be. A few years after the completion of his home, he decided to build a garage to go along with his home. It has been one of the best decisions because it keeps his prized Jeep out of the elements. That is until a few years ago when he started to notice cracking on the side of his home. His neighbor was over one day and told him about Cantey Foundation Specialists. He said they could help him fix and stabilize his foundation. Dwight called Cantey and scheduled an appointment with System Design Specialist Eddie Mathis. Eddie came out and did a thorough inspection of Dwight's garage determining that Push Piers would be the right solution. He explained that the Push Piers would be installed deep enough to reach competent spoil underneath the footing. The bracket of the Push Piers is then installed below the foundation's footing. Then hydraulics are used to drive the piers causing the weight of the home to be transferred through the pier to the competent soil below. This would then raise the garage back to its original position. Dwight felt like this solution would give him the peace of mind he needed and scheduled the installation. Production Team Leader Sixto Lopez, Production Team Member Mariano Valdovines, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and effectively installed the Push Piers. Dwight no longer has to worry about the stabilization of his garage and the safety of his prized Jeep thanks to Cantey's lasting solution.

Do you know why concrete sidewalks become uneven?

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the sidewalk in front of your home. It’s not so much for you as it is for the pedestrians around your neighborhood. However, the sidewalk on your property is your responsibility to maintain.

There are a few factors that could cause a sidewalk to need repairs. Rain can wash away the dirt underneath the concrete sidewalk slabs, causing them to sink or settle. In dryer months, the soil can dry out and shrink. This can cause concrete to crack and potentially become a trip hazard.

Regardless of the reason for repairs, the safety of your sidewalk is important. Many people use the pathway, whether it’s to get to work or to exercise. Children might use your sidewalk to get to and from school.

In many places, it’s the home owner’s responsibility to repair the concrete sidewalk on their property. Often times, the sooner you get it fixed, the less expensive the cost will be.

Do you know why concrete sidewalks become uneven? - Photo 1
Water Intrusion in Columbia, SC

The Cantey Team recently helped Jennifer S. of Columbia, SC and her family so that they could get their house sold. They have their house on the market and unfortunately had some water intrusion in their finished basement last week. They were excited to see Cantey's water guard solution, because they weren’t sure how to fix the issue. Fortunately, the flooring and Sheetrock has to be replaced anyway which makes life easier for installation. We will also be burying a downspout to move water away from this area to reduce future problems.

Helical Piers in Cayce, SC

Cantey recently helped Kevin T. of Cayce, SC with maintaining his property value by installing 4 helical piers on his brother's home who had recently passed away. Mr. T is out of state and wanted to get the home ready to sell. While in the crawlspace, the System Design Specialist recommended to him that it would be a good idea to remove the small bit of debris under his home if he wanted to dress it to sell. Cantey Foundation Specialists took care of it all in a difficult time for the T. family and the home is now ready to go on the market.

Piers in West Columbia, SC
The Cantey Team recently helped the Asbury family of West Columbia, SC. His wife passed away a few years ago, and he said he’s just let some things go around the house that needed to be done, but he’s ready to get everything fixed now. He needed piers all the way around the house, and Cantey Foundation Specialists was eager to stabilize his home and give him the peace of mind Mr. Asbury needed. 
Concrete Repair in Chapin, SC

The Concrete, Drainage, and Gutter Division is at it again at Cantey Foundation Specialists helping the Lord Family with peace of mind by lifting and leveling one end of their pool deck and doing two-part concrete protection system on the entire pool deck. This Spring and Summer the Lords will be delighted to entertain without the worry of tripping hazards. 

Cracked Concrete in Chapin, SC

Cantey Foundation Specialists recently helped the Tate family of Chapin. SC with peace of mind by lifting and leveling their pool deck so they no longer have to worry about their grandchildren tripping. Lifting and leveling your uneven and cracked concrete can happen in less than a day and add value to your property. 

Work Requests From Lexington County, SC
Project Location: Lexington, SC
Need estimate to level my pool deck (concrete) and vapor barrier under house.
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