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Before and After Pictures from Richland County
Smart Jacks Help Sagging Floors in State Park, SC

Smart Jacks Help Sagging Floors in State Park, SC

Before After
Smart Jacks Help Sagging Floors in State Park, SC Smart Jacks Help Sagging Floors in State Park, SC

Recently Cantey Foundation Specialists responded to a homeowner in State Park, SC concerned with sagging floors in their kitchen. The System Design Specialists performed a thorough, FREE, inspection and developed a permanent solution that would restore the floor to a level position using Smart Jacks and replacing a supplemental beam. The work was done in March 2023 and the homeowner could not be more pleased. 

Driveway Concrete Lifted in Irmo, SC

Driveway Concrete Lifted in Irmo, SC

Before After
Driveway Concrete Lifted in Irmo, SC Driveway Concrete Lifted in Irmo, SC

One morning, Debra got out of her car and tripped on a two-inch crack in her driveway.  Fearful that the next time she may seriously fall and hurt herself, she called Cantey Foundation Services to help fix the driveway.  Within two weeks, Cantey corrected her problem by installing the PolyLEVEL concrete system.  Now Debra not only feels safe and at ease walking to her front door, but she can also enjoy the aesthetically pleasing driveway!

Woodwork Gives Peace of Mind to Couple in Irmo, SC

Woodwork Gives Peace of Mind to Couple in Irmo, SC

Before After
Woodwork Gives Peace of Mind to Couple in Irmo, SC Woodwork Gives Peace of Mind to Couple in Irmo, SC

James and Gwen D. moved into their Irmo, SC home when their children were small. They have made many memories there and the home means a lot to them. Even though they are getting older, they try to take the best care of their home. They fix what they can and make improvements here and there. Over time in the bedroom, the floor started to feel weak in certain spots. This was concerning to both James and Gwen because they wanted to take care of their home but they felt helpless. James could not get under the house to even take a look. While watching the news one night, they saw an advertisement for Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided to call in the next day. They made an appointment with System Design Specialist Brandon Privette. Brandon came out and did a thorough inspection for James and Gwen, even taking pictures for them to see the damage. Brandon then sat down with James and Gwen to explain that the wood under their home had been damaged over the years and was causing the floor to be weak. He mapped out a plan for the wood to be replaced and told the couple that one of the crews could have all of the wood replaced in two days. James and Gwen were impressed by Cantey and really felt comfortable having the Cantey team help them with this repair. Production Crew Leader Aubrey McJunkin, Production Crew Member Francisco Lopez, and Production Crew Member Phillip Sullivan came out and effectively replaced all the rotten wood. James and Gwen have peace of mind that their home is in much better condition and have already recommended Cantey to their friends.

Professional Foundation Repair, Concrete leveling & Basement Waterpoofing in Richland County, SC

Installation crew was excellent and knowledgeable. The office staff was also very polite and helpful....
Happy Customers Surrounding Richland County, SC
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Reviews From Richland County
Testimonials From Richland County
The rep did a very detailed presentation, answered all our questions and was very personable.
Testimonial by Pat from Columbia, SC
The crew was outstanding and very thorough with their work!
Testimonial by Eve B. from Columbia, SC

Professional foundation repair company serving Richland County, South Carolina

Customers contact us with all types of concerns ranging from wall cracks to sagging floors, sticking doors and windows, crawl space humidity, and more.  When it comes to foundation problems, we have the solutions! 

Services We Offer in Richland County:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • Push Pier, Helical Pile, & Helical Pier Installation.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • PolyLevel┬« concrete lifting & leveling.
  • Slab jacking & mudjacking alternatives.
  • Crawl space structural repair.
  • Commercial foundation repair.
  • Concrete driveway repair & leveling.
  • Concrete sidewalk repair & leveling.
  • Pool deck repair.
  • Financing Available.
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installations.

Foundation Problems We Fix:      

  • House settling and sinking
  • Windows and doors sticking
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting and bowing walls
  • Floor and wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers and slab piers
  • Wall anchor covers
  • Street creep system
  • Channel anchor
  • Wall repair system
  • Wall reinforcing system

What Makes Us Different?

As a professionally trained Foundation Supportworks dealer in Richland County, SC, we use state-of-the-art products and technology designed to fix your home for good. We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide.

Contact us today to learn more about the foundation piers we install for underpinning, house settling, cracked foundations, and house leveling. Our services will resolve the root source of the problem and we are here to help should any questions arise. 

Case Studies From Richland County
Dora H. is a homeowner in Columbia, SC who has been through some ups and downs involving her home. Literally, her floors have sent her up and down...
During last October's historical flood, Ronald and Catherine A. never thought they would have water issues in their Columbia, SC home. However,...
During the historic October floods, Maurice D.'s home was hit with more than fifty inches of water, which completely flooded his entire home. After...
Job Stories From Richland County, SC
Lake Murray Pool Deck Lifted with PolyLEVEL

Chuck R. has a beautiful home in Irmo, right on Lake Murray.  His picturesque back yard almost matched the exquisite home... almost.  The gorgeous two-tier pool was surrounded by a cracking and moving concrete slab patio.  Not only was it displeasing to the eye, but it also created functionality problems and safety hazards.

Chuck called in Cantey Foundation Specialists to fix the problem.  TJ Harden, our PolyLEVEL Specialist, and assistant Ryan McPherson arrived unto the scene and detected that over ten slabs needed to be lifted to a level position.  After a few hours and setbacks with the rain, TJ and Ryan finally finished the PolyLEVEL process.

Chuck is now worry-free about the aesthetics of his back yard and pool, and he also does not have any concern that someone will hurt themselves tripping or falling in by the pool!

Lake Murray Pool Deck Lifted with PolyLEVEL - Photo 1
Basement Water Damage including Foundation Wall in Columbia

Patrick B. called Cantey Foundation Specialists because he (and his renters) were concerned about the kitchen floor falling in, water damage, and a disintegrating foundation wall.  Patrick tried to fix the problems himself; however, he realized that he needed a more permanent solution so that he could have peace of mind.  

Cantey installed 4 SmartJacks at the height of almost 7 feet tall, created a drainage system, and rebuilt the foundation wall with brackets to stabilize until Patrick was able to continue with renovations.

Now, Patrick has a more durable solution for his problems!

Basement Water Damage including Foundation Wall in Columbia - Photo 1Basement Water Damage including Foundation Wall in Columbia - Photo 2
SmartJacks Stabilize Sloping Floor in Eastover, SC

Customer Isabelle S. of Eastover, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists because her floor was sloping, and she had noticeable cracks above the doorway in her kitchen.  System Design Specialist James Davis explained to Isabelle that her floors were sloping in areas because her crawl space support system was settling, making the floor unstable to walk on.  Specialist James' solution to the problem was to reinforce the main structural beam with our patented SmartJack system, which lifted and stabilized the floor back into place.  After being installed by Production Crew Foreman Matt Garcia, customer Isabelle was amazed at the difference!  She no longer has to worry about the support system underneath her house.

SmartJacks Stabilize Sloping Floor in Eastover, SC - Photo 1
Columbia Home Touble Selling Because of Front Porch

Michael M. bought his home in 1980 and decided that now he would like to sell it, the only problem is that Michael's home has a foundation issue. His front porch has sank beyond a level of acceptance for anyone. He noticed it 15 years ago and decided not to do anything about it until now.  This has put a lot of stress on Michael seeing that the home is in disrepair, and the eye sore on the front porch could potentially scare away home buyers. Michael, full of frustration, sees Cantey's Facebook page and decides to give them a call. He gets in contact with Specialist Alex Lovette, who comes to Michael's home and gives him a free inspection of his front porch. Alex then explains to Michael that Cantey's patented PolyLevel process can fix his problem and help him sell his house. Team Leader Roberto, and Team Member Nick quickly dispatch to Michael's home and begin working.  Afterwards, Michael is very pleased with the results.  The crew was able to raise his porch and level it out, sealing off the gaps and making his home look cleaner and more presentable for potential home buyers. Now Michael can sell his home with peace of mind that Cantey did the job right.

Push Piers and SmartJacks Secure home for Future Generations in Irmo, SC

Margie W. is a loving mother who wants nothing more than to leave a stable home for her daughter. In all the years she has lived at her home she can't recall a problem that she hasn't dealt with herself. From raising her kids and providing for her family she has done it all. Somethings however, she can't deal with alone. When Margie saw that her home was settling and her floors were sagging she didn't know what to do. A friend recommended that she call Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free inspection.  Specialists Jamie Beresford came out to Margie's home and explained to her that Cantey had the solution she needed. Jamie explained how Cantey's patented Push Pier system would raise her homes foundation and Cantey's Smart Jack system would raise and stabilize her sagging floors. The combination of these two systems would provided stabilization and support for years to come. This way Margie could pass her home down to her kids, due to Cantey's transferable warranty. "I'm so glad Cantey could help me. There isn't a lot that I can't do but it's good too know that y'all were there for me when I had a problem that I couldn't fix."

PolyLevel Gives Homeowners Their Porch Back in Irmo, SC

Homeowners Robert and Amy B. from Irmo, SC love using their porch for relaxing. They sit out on the porch on afternoons after work and weekend mornings with their coffee. They began to notice that porch was starting to sink and they worried that it could possibly cave in. Due to their concern they did not want to use their porch but soon enough it was something they started to miss. Robert and Amy did not want to have to replace the porch entirely so they searched the web for different solutions that would be more affordable. They came across Cantey Foundation Specialists in their search and gave them a call. System Design Specialist Alexander Lovette came out and did an inspection on the porch. He sat down with Robert and Amy after his inspection and told them about Cantey's PolyLevel system. Alexander explained that Cantey's crew would drill small holes into the concrete then inject the PolyLevel which comes out as a liquid so that it can fill all the voids underneath the concrete. The PolyLevel would harden within 15 seconds and create lift for their porch. Production Team Leader TJ Harden and Production Team Member Jeremey Wilson came out and effectively installed the PolyLevel system as well as filled in the injection spots. Robert and Amy are back to relaxing on their porch and thankful to Cantey for the work they did to give them their oasis back.

Woodworking Opens a New Door in Columbia, SC

Suneetha M. is a homeowner in Columbia, SC that like most people has routine termite inspections. During an inspection, the inspector did not find any termites but did tell Suneetha about the wood rot underneath one of his doors. Wanting his home to be in good condition, Suneetha wanted to find someone that could replace this wood. Suneetha went to a home show in Columbia one Saturday and found a booth for Cantey Foundation Specialists. He got some information and signed up for a free inspection. System Design Specialist Eddie Mathis came out and did an inspection on the wood in question. Eddie told Suneetha that Cantey could definitely help and would replace the wood with no problems. Production Team Leader Matt Garcia, Production Team Member Nick Riddick, and Production Team Member David Herbert came out and successfully replaced Suneetha's rotting wood. Suneetha is back to being worry free about the wood underneath his home and recommends Cantey to anyone that is in need of crawl space or foundation repair.

Driveway Fit for First Impressions

Ro K. of Columbia, SC had some holes around his driveway, a result from digging neighborhood animals. Concerned about the integrity of his driveway, he called Cantey Foundation Specialists to fill in the holes and make his driveway safe for his family, vehicles, and visitors. NOw Ro K. has the peace of mind he needs and a driveway to be proud of! 

Driveway Fit for First Impressions - Photo 1
Solving Sagging Floors in Columbia, SC

A Columbia, SC homeowner called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a FREE estimate and inspection on their sagging floors. The floors had progressively gotten worse and the homeowners were concerned about further and costly damage. Here, Cantey Team Member Israel carefully measures the length they will need to cut the beams to be used to support the home permanently. These beams will go between the woodwork and SmartJacks in order to apply pressure through the entire length of the sagging floor. 

Solving Sagging Floors in Columbia, SC - Photo 1
Cheaper Isn't Always Better in Hopkins, SC

Recently we helped W. Cadle of Hopkins, SC fix his wood rot and foundation settlement issues. He had another company come out a few years ago to help him with a different problem and ended up choosing a cheaper option for that work and was unhappy with the results. This time around Mr. Cadle called Cantey Foundation Specialists because he wanted a straight answer for what is going on with his home. He felt our System Design Specialists were able to do that and is satisfied with the work solutions that were settled upon.

PolyLevel Lift to Fix Tripping Hazards in Eastover, SC

Cantey Foundation Specialists recently helped R. Dickert with quality of life in Eastover, SC. Her pool deck had started to settle and now she has her grandkids tripping over it when they come over to enjoy the pool. We helped her get rid of the tripping hazard with PolyLevel. Now Ms. Dickert and her whole family are looking forward to the upcoming warmer weather and pool days!

Neighbord gets Concrete Lift in Gadsden, SC

Cantey Foundation Specialists recently helped the residents in a neighborhood of Gadsden, SC take care of a few areas of settling slabs so their community stays in tip top shape. The jobs were quick and and thorough with our PolyLevel Lift.

Crawl Space is Critter Free in Irmo, SC

The Caney Crew will be helping J. Magro with peace of mind by installing a CleanSpace complete with two EverLast doors and two dehumidifiers. This will end her worry of mold and critters down there. She comes from West Virginia where everyone has basements, and she didn't want to have to worry about a crawl space.

Helical Piers to Lift Barn in Ballentine, SC

Cantey will be helping out Mr. and Mrs. Lang with maintaining property value. Our System Design Specialist met Mrs. Lang out on their beautiful property in Ballentine, SC. They recently purchased this property, and they are renovating it. Mrs. Lang showed the SDS issues inside the basement and the expansive barn. She informed him that she wanted to protect the foundation of the barn first, then conquer other issues later. Colleen and the SDS had lengthy conversations about the house, the history of the house, and their expectations for the future. It was an absolute pleasure to meet them both and the Cantey Team looks forward to redefining for them now and in the future. Cantey will be installing helical piers.

Upgrades to Crawl Space in White Rock, SC

Cantey Foundation Specialists recently helped Sara S. of White Rock, SC protect her newly purchased home by installing a CleanSpace complete with full perimeter DrainTile. Apparently, a competitor had done a sump pump and some DrainTile at closing but had done a poor job installing it and she felt comfortable with us upgrading everything.

Rotten Wood Repair in Hopkins, SC

Cantey recently helped the Segal’s of Hopkins, SC. They are selling their home and had some rotten wood show up on the inspection. So we will be replacing some wood.

Piers and Jack in Gadsden, SC

The Cantey team recently helped Andy C. of Gadsden, SC with maintaining his property value. They are building their new home on the lake and they need this home ready to sell within the next couple of years. Andy owns a HVAC company and understands that if you don't address these issues they will just get worse and cost more later. He said he was impressed with our presentation and decided that Cantey was the right company to fix his home. We were able to stabilize his home with helical piers and smart jacks. 

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