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CleanSpace Prevents Further Moisture Damage in Columbia, SC

Gloria B. just moved into her home in Columbia, SC and is excited to finally be a homeowner. She had always wanted to own instead of rent. Of course, now that she owns a home she is finding out just how difficult it can be sometimes. Repairs and improvements have to be made to keep a home in good shape. Gloria started to notice in the last few weeks that her floor was becoming bouncy out of nowhere. She did not have any experience with crawl spaces so she needed a trusted company to find out what was going on. She remembered her sister had work done on her foundation a few years ago so she asked about the company. Her sister told her to call Cantey Foundation Specialists, they did a wonderful job raising her home. Gloria called in and was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist John Adams. After his inspection, John sat down with Gloria to tell her that she had excessive moisture in her crawl space. This was causing the floor to become bouncy and would cause other problems if not handled properly. John told Gloria that the solution that she needed to protect her home was the CleanSpace system. The CleanSpace system would begin with drainage matting being placed on the floor of the crawl space. Then a thick liner of CleanSpace material would be installed on the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space for an all-around barrier. The barrier would then be sealed with spray foam adhesive that solidifies the bond between the CleanSpace system and the crawl space. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Matthew Kelley came out and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Gloria loves her new CleanSpace and the peace of mind that her home is protected from moisture damage.

French Drain System Relieves Water Flow on Columbia, SC Home

Brant P. is a homeowner in Columbia, SC and has consistently had water issues around his home. He knew he needed a draining system but knew he wanted a local company he could trust to do the job right the first time. He had a less than desirable experience with another company that assured him that their solution would solve his problem but it did not. He heard from a neighbor that had also had water issues about Cantey Foundation Specialists. He called in and scheduled an appointment for a free inspection feeling he did not have anything to lose. System Design Specialist Jason Hugg came out to do a thorough inspection and concluded that Brant needed a French drain system. He further explained that the French drain system would remove the water that was causing Brant issues and funnel that water away from his foundation. Brant appreciated Specialist Jason's honesty and believed that Cantey was the right company to do the job. Production Team Leader Aubrey McJunkin, Production Team Member Francisco Lopez, and Production Team Member Oscar Mota came out and successfully install the French drain system. Brant is happy with his choice of Cantey to give him the best solution and is no longer worried about water causing problems around his home.

SmartPump Allows Homeowner to Utilize Basement in Columbia, SC

Brant P. bought his home in Columbia, SC about five years ago and one of the major selling points for him was the basement that this home had. He loved that he would have an additional storage area for his growing family. During the floods of 2015 in Columbia, SC his basement was flooded. Since then the pump that was supposed to be helping keep water out of the basement has stopped working. Therefore, Brant was not able to use his basement for storage because of the excess water. He finally decided he needed a solution to be able to use his basement again. Brant searched the web to find someone that installed basement pumps. He came across Cantey Foundation Specialists and called in to schedule an inspection. System Design Specialist Jason Hugg did his inspection and told Brant that Cantey had a patented SmartPump that would meet his needs. This pump would be installed in replace of his current pump and remove water from collecting in the basement. Production Team Leader Aubrey McJunkin, Production Team Member Francisco Lopez, and Production Team Member Oscar Mota came out and effectively installed the SmartPump. Brant is now utilizing his basement for the storage he needed.

SmartSump Brings Back Fun and Fellowship in Columbia, SC

Lamar S. has been an administrator at his church in Columbia, SC for a long time. When he retired he wanted to use his time to help others and found that opportunity with the church. Since being there he has helped the church grow with different events as well as finding new space for the growing congregation. About 10 years ago, he was able to get a gymnasium built for the church for the after-school program and youth group to use. It was a wonderful addition that has been used continuously since its completion. Recently, however, water has been making its way in, causing the floors to become a safety hazard. Lamar knew he had to take action to keep church members safe. He did some research on the Internet to see what companies he could trust to find the right solution. Cantey Foundation Specialists came up and Lamar called in to schedule an appointment. System Design Specialist Jason Hugg arrived as scheduled and did a thorough inspection. He found that the gymnasium needed Cantey's SmartSump to pump out the water that was finding its way in, to an outside drain. Lamar agreed that this solution felt like the best course of action and scheduled an installation date. Production Team Leader Aubrey McJunkin, Production Team Member Oscar Mota, and Production Team Member Francisco Lopez came out and successfully installed the SmartSump. Lamar and his fellow church members are now free from the hazard that was preventing them from enjoying fun and fellowship. 

SmartSump Gives Homeowner a Company to Trust in Columbia, SC

Ann Marie R. of Columbia, SC has lived in her home with her husband for most of her adult life. Her home has her heart and is the place she plans on staying for the rest of her days. When Ann Marie's husband passed away she had a hard time finding companies to help her make various fixes around her home. Her children no longer live close so she is essentially all on her own in finding a company she can trust to help her. When her basement started to have excess water she knew that the sump pump she had in place was not working properly. Not knowing where to turn, she started asking around to see if anyone had any recommendations. A lady at the grocery store told her about the great work Cantey Foundation Specialists had done on her home. Ann Marie called in and scheduled an appointment with System Design Specialist Jason Hugg. Jason arrived for the scheduled inspection and noticed that Ann Marie did need an upgrade on her sump pump to remove all the excess water in her basement. Jason told Ann Marie that the sump pump she needed was Cantey's SmartSump that could remove the water from her basement accordingly. Not only would it get rid of the water causing issues but it would also come with plumbing leak protection because of its pump alarm warning of any leaks. Ann Marie was impressed with Jason and how knowledgeable he was. She felt comfortable having Cantey help her and trusted that they would get the job done right. Production Team Leader Diego Sanchez, Production Team Member Jesus Gonzalez, Production Team Member Zenen Dominguez, and Production Team Member Matthew Kelley came out and successfully installed the SmartSump in Ann Marie's basement. Ann Marie now has the peace of mind that her basement is protected and that she has found a company she can trust.

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