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CleanSpace Gives Peace of Mind to Liberty, SC Couple

Johnathon and Hannah F. have owned their Liberty, SC home for a few years now. Both of them are happy with their home and where they live. They really like the community around them and plan to stay in Liberty for quite some time. Hannah was concerned when Johnathon started having trouble with his allergies. She thought maybe it was just their move to a different area that was causing problems but after she made him go see a doctor a new concern began for them. The doctor said that mold and moisture can have a great impact on someone's allergies. Johnathon was determined to find a solution because he wanted to feel healthier in his own home. While driving home from work one day he heard an advertisement for Cantey Foundation Specialists. They both decided they needed to give Cantey a call. They were set up with an appointment with System Design Specialist Jerod Tafta. After inspecting the crawl space Jerod determined that Johnathon and Hannah were right to worry. Their crawl space was riddled with moisture that was causing mold growth. Jerod explained that there was a lasting solution that would keep moisture away from their crawl space and eliminate mold growth. Cantey's patented CleanSpace system was the right one for Johnathon and Hannah. The CleanSpace would essentially wrap their crawl space in a durable material that would create a barrier. This would be strengthened by spray foam adhesive sealing the CleanSpace material to the crawl space. Production Team Leader Matt Garcia and Production Team Member David Herbert came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Johnathon and Hannah are now healthier and happier in their home. They credit Cantey for giving them a lasting solution and peace of mind.

Basement Waterproofing in Leesville SC

Cantey's SmartPump sump pump system can be a permanent solution to your leaking and/or flooding basement. Cantey Can Fix It!

CleanSpace Gives Peace of Mind to Football Fan in Pendleton, SC

Barry O. has lived in his Pendleton, SC for most of his adult life. Being a Clemson University fan, it is the perfect location for him to be able to enjoy the football games during the season. After a fun afternoon at the stadium, he came home and his living room smelled musty. Days went by where he attempted to do everything he could think of to get rid of the smell. Unfortunately, it was not going away and Barry had no clue what to do. He asked one of his friends and was told that he may have a moisture issue in his crawl space. Barry looked up online what local companies did crawl space inspections and repair. He found Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided to call in to make an appointment. System Design Specialist Dallas Rabideaux arrived as scheduled and did a thorough inspection of Barry's crawl space. Dallas found that there was definitely a moisture issue which was causing damage to the crawl space and leaving Barry with that musty smell in his home. Dallas sat down with Barry to explain how Cantey's CleanSpace system would be the optimum solution. The CleanSpace system would begin the installation process with drainage matting placed on the floor of the crawl space. This matting would assist the moisture out of the crawl space. Then a thick liner of CleanSpace material would be installed on the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space. This liner would be secured with spray foam adhesive to create a proper waterproof barrier. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Barry is back to cheering on his favorite team with the peace of mind that his home is protected thanks to the CleanSpace system.

CleanSpace Wicks Away Crawl Space Moisture in Anderson, SC

Allen B. of Anderson, SC has lived in his home for almost 10 years now. While he was having his sidewalk inspected by Cantey Foundation Specialists he asked System Design Specialist Nathan Bailey if he would also take a look at the crawl space. Allen had previously never been in his crawl space to see if it was in good condition. Specialist Nathan went down to take a look and found excessive amounts of moisture. Allen had no idea moisture had become a problem in his crawl space but was glad he had Nathan check. Nathan assured Allen than Cantey also had a solution for his moisture problem in his crawl space. Cantey's patented CleanSpace system would rid his crawl space of moisture and prevent any further damage. Drain matting would be installed on the crawl space floor to ease moisture out of the crawl space. Then a thick lining of CleanSpace material would be installed over the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space. The lining would be secured with spray foam adhesive to solidify the bond between the crawl space and this protective layer. After Allen's sidewalk was fixed with Cantey's PolyLevel process, another Production Crew came out to install the CleanSpace system. Production Team Leader Sixto Lopez, Production Team Member Jose Lopez, Production Team Member Mariano Valdovines, and Production Team Member Matthew Williams were successful in installing the CleanSpace system. Allen is ecstatic about his newly fixed sidewalk and crawl space and highly recommends Cantey.   

SmartPump Adds Value to Sale of Home in Moncks Corner, SC

Homeowner Scott R. from Moncks Corner, SC has loved his home for the past 5 years however, he and his wife have chosen to downsize. They began to worry about the value of their home when Scott looked into the crawl space and found a great deal of water. Scott had previously had a pump installed however, it was clearly not doing what it was supposed to do. Scott heard an advertisement on the radio for Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided to give them a call. He was set up with an appointment with System Design Specialist Grayson Forehand. Grayson made an in-depth inspection of the crawl space and decided on a plan that would best suit Scott's needs. Grayson suggested to Scott that they install a SmartSump system that has a 3-year manufacturers warranty that would be transferable to the next homeowner. This pump, when installed, would effectively remove the water from the crawl space to create a dryer area and prevent any further moisture from creating additional problems to the home. Production Team Leader Sixto Lopez, Production Team Member Jose Lopez, and Production Team Member Estevan Lopez came out to Scott's home and efficiently installed the Smart Sump system. Scott now his home on the market and is certain that the work Cantey has done will add additional value to his home that buyers are looking for.

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