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Wood Replacement Teaches West Columbia, SC Homeowner About Crawl Space Conditions

Jerry B. has owned his home in West Columbia, SC for a few years now. He loves his quaint home on its quiet street that makes for his perfect home. Jerry has done several repairs to the home but never thought about the condition of his crawl space. He had a routine check for termites which determined that there were no termites but extensive termite damage to the beams under his home. He called his brother to see what he could do and he recommended Cantey Foundation Specialists. Jerry called Cantey and set up an appointment with System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford. Jamie came out for the scheduled inspection to find that there were quite a few beams that needed to be replaced. Jamie assured Jerry that Cantey often does wood replacement in crawl spaces and could have the damaged areas fixed like new. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Matthew Kelley came out and successfully replaced all the damaged wood. Jerry has a better understanding of his crawl space health and is now doing regular checks to make sure it is in great condition.

CleanSpace Provides Cleaner Air in Easley, SC

Lesley K. is a homeowner and nurse in Easley, SC. She spends most of her time at the hospital she works at but is always happy to come home. Due to her profession, Lesley is dedicated to keeping herself healthy. When she noticed a moldy smell in her home, she knew it had to be a bad sign. She needed to find someone to inspect her crawl space so she searched online. She found Cantey Foundation Specialists and called in to schedule an appointment. System Design Specialist Jerod Tafta came out and did a thorough inspection. He told Lesley she was right to call because mold had begun to grow in her crawl space. The moisture in her crawl space could not only cause serious structural damage but is not a healthy environment. Jerod explained that Cantey's CleanSpace system would solve this issue and give Lesley cleaner, fresher air to breathe. The CleanSpace system would begin with drainage matting being laid across the floor of the crawl space which would help excess moisture flow to the SmartSump which would pump all the moisture out. Then a thick liner of CleanSpace material would be installed along the floor, walls, and piers. A spray foam adhesive is then sprayed around the top of the CleanSpace liner to seal the waterproof barrier. Lesley wanted a healthier home environment so she scheduled an installation date. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Austin Boan, and Production Team Member Zenen Dominguez came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Lesley no longer has any worries about her home being an unhealthy environment thanks to Cantey's solution.

Sump Pump Helps Drainage Issue in Lexington, SC

Keith S. is a homeowner who really knows his way around a home. From renovating and repairing, to complete restructure Keith can do it all. However, Keith lacks the knowledge he needed to solve his homes water absorption problem.  His basement walls have been soaking up moisture from the ground and bringing it into his home. After hearing an advertisement on the radio for Cantey Foundation Specialists he decided to give us a call.  Specialist John Adams came out to Keith's home for a free inspection and found that the solution he was looking for was a Sump Pump. Sump Pumps are designed to pump out excess moisture and liquid that could be damaging to your home. Team Leader Aubrey, Team Member Oscar, and Team Member Frank were sent out to Keith's home and installed the Sump Pump for him. Keith was so happy that Cantey was able to help him when he was unable to do it himself. "This isn't the first time I've hired Cantey, I had them fix my retainer wall with wall anchors before. They're a company that I've come to trust to get the job done right."

Lexington SC CrawlSpace to CleanSpace Makeover

Elizabeth knew her crawlspace under her home in Lexington, SC was not in very good condition and with summer coming she wanted to be proactive. Cantey crew members completely encapsulated her crawlspace, removed her old insulation, and installed a dehumidifier system with a sealed vent to help keep her home nice and cool this summer. A clean crawlspace and dehumidifier can help save money on energy bills by lowering the amount of water vapor in the air, as wet air takes more time and energy to cool. 

CleanSpace Lessens Water Level in Liberty, SC

John F. is a homeowner in Liberty, SC. John has had repeating problems with his homes crawl space in the past. All the rains and the moisture around where he lives caused his crawl space to develop into a swampy mud pit. The thought of this annoyed John as he really wanted to turn his crawl space into a functional storage area. However, with the mud and dirt, the way it was there was no way that was happening. After hearing an advertisement on the radio for Cantey Foundation Specialists, John decided to give us a call. Specialist, Luke Stemple, came out to John's home for a free inspection. After the inspection, Luke explained to John that Cantey's patented CleanSpace system was the solution he was looking for. CleanSpace's block moisture and water and make a nice dry environment for your crawl space. This also creates a nice clean storage area for all your things that you want to be stored away. Team leader Matt, team member Nick, and team member, David, came out to John's home and completed the project efficiently. After the work, John was so happy how dry and clean his crawl space looked. He couldn't believe that the mud and dirt that was once there was gone. Now John can use his crawl space to the fullest now that Cantey did the job right.

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