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Woodworking Reinvigorates Historic Home in Abbeville, SC

Randall C. just bought his historic home in Abbeville, SC to be his forever home. Historic homes are often beautiful, however, tend to need a good amount of repair. He has started to do some restoration inside the home but was worried about the condition of the crawl space. While watching the evening news he saw a commercial for Cantey Foundation Specialists and that they offer a free no obligation inspection. Randall called in and was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist Jerod Tafta. Jerod arrived for the appointment and did a thorough inspection of Randall's crawl space. Jerod found that Randall had quite a few wooden beams that were rotten and in need of replacement. Production Team Leader Sixto Lopez, Production Team Member Jose Lopez, Production Team Member Mariano Valdovines, Production Team Member Oscar Mota, and Production Team Member David Watson came out and successfully replaced the rotten wood. Randall is continuing to move forward with his restoration efforts and is pleased to no longer have to worry about the condition of his crawl space.

Wet Wood/Termite Damaged Crawlspace Repair in Summerville SC

CleanSpace Helps with Allergies in Ladson, SC

Daniel and Misty H. just moved into their home a few years ago. They had originally grown up in Ladson, SC but never saw themselves moving back until they decided to start a family. They bought a home soon after they got married and made the move. Within the last year, Misty has started to have really bad allergies. When she finally went to the doctor, she was told it could possibly be her home environment. They had noticed a kind of moldy smell but did not check on it. They needed to find a professional that could figure out what was going on so that Misty would not be so sick. Daniel did an internet search and found that mold could be growing in their crawl space. He found a website for Cantey Foundation Specialists and they did free inspections. They set up an appointment with System Design Specialist, Grayson Forehand. Grayson did a thorough inspection of the crawl space before sitting down with Daniel and Misty to discuss a solution. He had found a good deal of the mold around the crawl space that was likely causing Misty to be ill. Grayson told them about Cantey's CleanSpace system. Drainage matting would be installed on the floor of the crawl space. Then a liner of thick CleanSpace material would be installed on the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space. Finally, this liner is secured with a spray foam adhesive to ensure a complete barrier. This system would keep their crawl space dry to prevent mold as well as make their air cleaner. Daniel and Misty felt confident that this solution was the one they had been looking for. Production Team Leader, Israel Santana, Production Team Member, Zenen Dominguez, and Production Team Member, Brooks Walker came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Daniel and Misty are happier and healthier than ever with their CleanSpace system installed.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Aiken SC

This homeowner had constant issues with flooding after each rain fall and needed a permanent solution for basement waterproofing. Installed was the Cantey Water Guard Solution; Completed with a SmartSump pump system, and an extended discharge system through the garage (pictured above), along with a water guard inspection port. 

PolyLevel Gives Peace of Mind to Outdoorsman in Johns Island, SC

Brad K. could not imagine owning a home anywhere but Johns Island, SC. He owns his own company and works very hard but he also likes to enjoy his free time. Johns Island allows him to get outdoors on hikes and going to the beach. Between working and getting out in his free time, he is often not at home. While leaving one day, he tripped over the sidewalk leading up the front door. He had not noticed that the concrete was sinking. Knowing the risk of a tripping hazard, he wanted to find a solution. One of Brad's friends was System Design Specialist Kendall Moore who worked for Cantey Foundation Specialists. He called him to see if there was a solution to this problem. Kendall came out to his home and took a look at the concrete slabs and determined that Cantey's PolyLevel process would make a perfect solution. The PolyLevel process would begin with small holes being drilled through the concrete slab. Then the PolyLevel would be injected underneath the slab as a liquid to fill all the voids underneath. The PolyLevel would harden into a solid within 15 minutes creating lift and stabilization for the concrete slab. Brad trusted his friends' opinion and scheduled an installation date. Production Team Leader Jeremey Wilson and Production Team Member Nick Collins came out and effectively injected the PolyLevel solution. Brad is back to being worry free in the great outdoors thanks to a perfect solution from Cantey.

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