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Myrtle Beach Home Owner Gets Sinking Kitchen Floor Fixed

Home Owner Tarra S. called Cantey about her kitchen floor sagging and slumping lower each month. She told us that at one point she would have reoccurring dreams about falling through floors, which made her very anxious to step anywhere near the sinking floor. After we did some inspecting, we found that whoever owned the house before her, had temporary jacks put in under the area to stop the sagging floor above (Key word: Temporary). We knew we could get Tarra some good sleep and set her mind at ease, so Cantey got right to it. A week later, we extra support to each beam under the entire kitchen area, replaced the temporary jacks with our permanent SmartJacks, and added a new support beam under the main sagging area. Tarra called us a week after the job was completed and told us that she could finally get some sleep without having to worry about nightmares of falling through floors.  

Myrtle Beach Marriott at Grand Dunes Hotel's Sidewalks Leveled Using PolyLEVEL

The Marriott at Grand Dunes hotel in Myrtle Beach called Cantey Foundation Specialists because they had numerous tripping hazards throughout their property.  Production Crew Foreman and PolyLEVEL Technician TJ Harden and Crew Member Ryan McPherson injected the polymer foam underneath the sidewalk to stabilize and level the sidewalks.  Now, the Marriott does not have to worry for the safety of their staff and guests, and Cantey was happy to help!

SmartJacks Level Crawl Space in Lake City, SC

Mildred P. is a homeowner in Lake City, SC. Mildred and her family live in a quiet neighborhood where their kids can play freely and the can enjoy walks in the morning. Not a lot goes on where they live and they like it that way. “The noise and violence in the city drove us to live out in a place like this so we could properly raise our children,” Mildred said. However, things aren’t all fine and dandy. Mildred’s home has sagging floors. She worries as time goes on that thing will only get worse and worse. She decided to get help and stop the problem in its tracks. She called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free inspection. Manager and Specialist Luke Stemple came out to Mildred’s home and completed the inspection.  Afterward, he explained to her that the solution she was looking for was Cantey’s patented Smart Jack system. Smart Jacks are designed to raise a home’s floors without the settling that piers can experience, ensuring that you get the most out of your home. Team Leader Matt, Team Member Robert, and Team Member David came out to Mildred home and efficiently installed the Smart Jacks. After the work, Mildred was so happy that her home was level again. She couldn’t believe how much better it felt to walk over. Now Mildred and her family can go back to enjoying their home knowing Cantey did the job right.

SmartJacks Raise Living Room in Columbia, SC

Richard N. is a homeowner in Columbia, SC and loves the area he lives in. He bought the home so his children could be close to their schools. When Richard bought the home not that long ago there were not many improvements he had to make. Recently though his living room floor began to worry him. It is the place where his kids often play and watch television. The floor began to slope making Richard feel like his family was not safe in their living room. One night while watching the evening news he saw a commercial for Cantey Foundation Specialists. The next day he called in and scheduled a free, no obligation inspection just to see what was going on. System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford came out and did an inspection and found that a beam was beginning to fail underneath the living room. Specialist Jamie told Richard that the solution he needed to protect his family and his home was Cantey's patented SmartJack system. The SmartJack system would be installed underneath the failing beam to give it lift and stabilize the floor above. A section of the soil would be removed and filled with tightly compacted stone. A footing would then be placed on top of this and connected with a galvanized steel column that would be leveled to fit perfectly under the wooden beam. The steel column would then be connected to the wooden beam and the column could be adjusted to create lift. Production Team Leader Trey Dukes, Production Team Member Estevan Lopez, and Production Team Member Brooks Walker came out to Richard's home and effectively installed the SmartJack system. Richard is now no longer worried about his kids playing in the living room and is thankful to Cantey for the best, lasting solution.

Sagging Floors Jacked Up in Columbia SC

Jerry's home in Columbia, SC, was having some foundation problems, including sagging floors, cracks in his concrete and issues with piers. We installed SmartJacks under his home to lift and level the floors which will stabalize his home and help level the floors and walls. 

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