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SmartJacks Help Couple Feel Safe Again in Easley, SC

George and Melinda L. recently bought their home in Easley, SC. During the inspection of their new home, the inspector did not catch the need for foundation support under their bedroom. As time passed George and Melinda noticed the floor in their bedroom continuously getting worse. They knew it was time to find someone to help them feel safe again. Melinda's sister suggested to them that they call Cantey Foundation Specialists and ask if the SmartJack system that was installed under her home would be right for them too. They called in and were scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist Ryan Holloway. Specialist Ryan came out and did an inspection, finding that Melinda's sister had been right. Cantey's patented SmartJack system would be the perfect solution to solidify their foundation and give their floor the lift it needed. He further explained to George and Melinda that a section of soil would be removed for each SmartJack where the tightly compacted crushed stone would be placed. Footings would rest on top of that to form a base for each galvanized steel column measured to fit their crawl space would be positioned. The steel columns would then be attached to the existing beams in their crawl space and then be adjusted to create lift. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and effectively installed the SmartJack system to George and Melinda's home. George and Melinda no longer worry about the foundation under their bedroom and finally feel safe again.

Methodist Church Foundation Stabilized with PolyLevel in Summerton, SC

The Methodist Church of Summerton is built on a concrete slab, and after many years of settlement, the congregation wanted to have a safe environment for their Sunday School classes.  After hearing about Cantey Foundation Specialists through word-of-mouth referral, CB Mathis (the representative of the Methodist Church) decided to receive a free estimate.  Specialist Jamie Beresford inspected the church, and he advised that the church's foundation be injected with our patented PolyLevel foam, which would lift and stabilize it back into place.  The PolyLevel crew led by Foreman TJ Harden began their work in the morning, and they were able to not only lift and stabilize, but they were also able to close the wall and floor gaps.  By the early afternoon, the Methodist Church of Summerton was safe to begin their Sunday School classes again!

SmartJacks Put Up a Strong Defense in Liberty, SC

Gene and Melissa R. are homeowners in Liberty, SC and have been for a while. They currently plan to stay in their home as they still have two teenagers at home. Having two young boys is not easy as homeowners that want to take care of their home. Gene and Melissa have had to do many repairs to their home due to their rough and tumble boys. When the bathroom door would not shut, Gene and Melissa imagined it was just more damage that their children had caused. They had someone come out and look at it that told them that the problem was actually foundation related because the floor was sagging. While watching the news, they saw an advertisement for Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided to give them a call for a free inspection. System Design Specialist Ryan Holloway arrived for the appointment and did an inspection of the crawl space and problem area. Ryan found that Gene and Melissa just needed some extra support which Cantey's patented SmartJack system could provide. The SmartJack system installation would start with soil being removed at the sites for the SmartJacks. These holes would then be filled with tightly compact crushed stone that would be the solid ground for the footing. The SmartJack would be specifically cut for their crawl space and attached to the footing as well as the beam above. Once the SmartJack is secure, it is then adjusted to create lift and stabilization for the floor above. Gene and Melissa felt like this would be a lasting solution and scheduled the installation. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and effectively installed the SmartJack system. Gene and Melissa are back to making sure their boys do not tear up the rest of the house but with the peace of mind that their foundation is strong.

Sagging Floors Lifted in Eutawville, SC

*Notice Hand is Underneath Level in Before Picture*

Susan N. of Eutawville, SC noticed settlement issues throughout her old family home for many years, but she did not worry about it until the home was passed down to her.  Knowing this issue needed to be fixed sooner rather than later, she called Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free estimate.  Specialist William Yarbrough inspected the family home inside and out, and he provided Susan with a solution and an estimate.  By installing our patented SmartJack system, we could lift and stabilize the floors back into place.  Subsequentially, this would close any interior cracks and allow Susan peace of mind.  The Production Team, which consisted of Dallas Darity, "Junior" Sotero, and Justin Wheeler, installed seven SmartJacks under the front center span beam in the crawl space.  Now, Susan can enjoy her level floor for the first time in many years!

SmartJacks Lift and Stabilize Floors for Happy Homeowner in Branchville, SC

Francis W. has owned many homes over the years but has finally found a true home in Branchville, SC. He previously moved around because of his position. Working for a company that was nationwide was exciting but he is happy to finally be able to settle down somewhere. As he was getting settle in, he noticed that the floor in the bedroom and living room were sloping. Francis worried that his new found home was in trouble and decided to find a company that could inspect this issue. He searched online and found Cantey Foundation Specialists' website. After reading some information and reviews, Francis decided to call in to make an appointment for a free inspection. System Design Specialist Trey Dukes was scheduled for the inspection and met Francis at his home. Trey started his inspection, going through the crawl space and taking note of the places that needed extra support. Afterward, he told Francis that he needed extra support that the SmartJack system could provide. The SmartJack system would begin with soil being removed at the sites where the SmartJacks would be installed. These sections are then filled with tightly compact crushed stone and a footing is installed on top. Each SmartJack is then cut to specifically fit the area in which it will be installed. The SmartJack is attached to the footing and then to the beam above. Once each SmartJack is secure, they are adjusted to create lift and stabilization. Francis really felt like he could trust Trey and his solution so he decided to schedule an installation date. Production Team Leader Jonathan Lowder, Production Team Member Matthew Kelley, and Production Team Member David Herbert came out and effectively installed the SmartJack system. Francis could not be happier that his floors are now level and permanently stable. 

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