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SmartJacks Lift and Stabilize Bottom Porch in Hartwell, GA

Cindy P. is a homeowner in Hartwell, GA who enjoys the porch on the bottom of her home. She is able to read the books she loves and knit out in the fresh air while still having some shade. Because she spends so much of her time on the porch she noticed when the top of it started to lean. This happened over time but recently started to concern Cindy. She did an internet search on her issue and found Cantey Foundation Specialists. She called in the next day and was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist Dallas Rabideaux. When Dallas arrived for the scheduled appointment Cindy took him over to the problem area of the porch. After the inspection, Dallas came to the conclusion that Cindy needed Cantey's patented SmartJack system to lift and stabilize the porch area. Dallas further explained that the process would start by removing sections of soil where the tightly compacted crushed stone would fill to create a stable base for the footing to be placed on top. A steel beam that would be specifically cut to fit under the porch would then be placed on top of the footing and attached to the top of the add-on. These steel beams or SmartJacks could then be adjusted to lift the add-on to its proper position. Production Team Leader Israel Santana and Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder came out and successfully installed the SmartJack system to Cindy's porch. Cindy is once again relaxing on her porch, no longer having to worry about its stabilization.

SmartJacks Give Support to a Foyer in Need in Goose Creek, SC

Cheryl J. has owned her home in Goose Creek, SC for only a few years. When she bought the house there were no foundation issues that were seen by the inspector. As time has gone on, she has noticed more and more sloping in her foyer and had noticed cracks forming on the walls. Cheryl's staircase is in the foyer and she worried about her children's safety while going up to their rooms. She wanted the integrity and safety brought back to her home. She searched for a local company online that she felt like she could trust to do the work. Cheryl came across Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided to call in to make an appointment for a free inspection. System Design Specialist Grayson Forehand came out and did a thorough inspection. He showed Cheryl the pictures of the beams under her home that were failing. Grayson explained that her foundation just needed a little help holding the weight and that Cantey's patented SmartJack system could do just that. Sections of soil would be removed at the sites where the SmartJacks would be installed. These holes would be filled with tightly compacted crushed stone and a footing placed on top. This would make the solid foundation that would hold the weight of the home and be lasting. On top of the footing, a SmartJack would be installed and attached to a long galvanized steel beam that would run along the top of the crawl space. Once attached to the beam, the SmartJacks would all be adjusted to create lift and stabilize the floor above. Cheryl felt like this was the solution she wanted and would keep her family safe. Production Team Leader Dallas Darity, Production Team Member Dallas Elgin, and Production Team Member David Watson came out and effectively installed the SmartJack system. Cheryl now does not have to worry about her children's safety and is thankful to Cantey for giving her the peace of mind she needed.

SmartJacks Keep Homeowners' Independence in Goose Creek, SC

Dale H. has lived in his home in Goose Creek, SC for a few years now by himself. His wife passed away and ever since he has had to take care of his home alone. His children try to help as much as possible but Dale insisted on being as independent as possible. On the day of his yearly termite inspection, he was told that one of his piers had fallen in the crawl space. He had thought something was off with the floor in the master bedroom but did not investigate further. Dale knew something needed to be done because he did not want to risk his safety or the safety of his home. At church that Sunday, he asked some of his friends if they had any suggestions of companies he could talk to. They told him that he needed to call Cantey Foundation Specialists and that he would be in good hands. When he called in that Monday morning, he was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist, Kendall Moore. Kendall arrived and went straight to work inspecting the crawl space. He found that the pier was definitely a problem and was glad that Dale had called when he did. Kendall discussed with Dale how Cantey's SmartJack system could ensure the stability of his home. The installation process would begin with soil removal at the sites that would then be filled with engineered fill. Then a footing is installed on the solid base that the fill creates. Each SmartJack is then sized and installed at each site. Once each SmartJack is attached, they are then tightened to create stabilization. Dale believed this was the right decision for safety and his independence. Production Team Leader, Israel Santana, Production Team Member, Zenen Dominguez, and Production Team Member, Brooks Walker came out and successfully installed the SmartJack system. Dale now has the peace of mind that his home is protected and his safety is intact. 

Floor Stabilized with SmartJacks in Mount Pleasant, SC

Jim and Kathy L. of Mount Pleasant, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists because they needed to permanently stabilize their sagging floors.  Production Crew Foreman Sixto Lopez and Production Crew Member Mariano installed 8 SmartJacks in their crawlspace, which stabilized their floors via the wood joist system.  Because of our patented SmartJack system, Cantey can assure Jim and Kathy that their floors will not settle, slope, sag or bend ever again!

Brookdale Senior Living Center's Sidewalks are Stabilized and Leveled with PolyLEVEL

Brookdale Senior Living Center in Charleston, SC called Cantey Foundation Specialists because they needed their sidewalks stabilized, leveled, and secured; this ensured that their elderly occupants could walk between buildings without the worry of tripping or falling.

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