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Woodworking is the Right Solution for Single Woman in Central, SC

Amy S. has owned her own home in Central, SC for a few years now. As a single woman, she is proud to have her own home however she has not learned much about home improvement. Usually, if there is a problem she calls her father to come have a look at it and see what his opinion is. Her living room floor began to sink in one spot. After some time of ignoring the problem, she finally called her father and he told her she probably had rotting wood in her crawl space. He had heard of Cantey Foundation Specialists from a neighbor so Amy decided to call. She was set up for an inspection with System Design Specialist Nathan Bailey. Specialist Nathan did an inspection and concluded that Amy needed to get some of the beams replaced in her crawl space. Amy agreed that this needed to be done soon. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and successfully replaced the wood causing Amy problems. Amy is now no longer worried about her living room floor and plans to learn more about home improvement to do more projects in the future.

Wood Replacement Creates Safe Nursery in Central, SC

Jackson M. and his wife Amy became homeowners in Central, SC soon after becoming newlyweds. Now they have a bundle of joy on the way, soon they will need a room for their little girl to call her own. Jackson like any new father is running around baby proofing the house and helping Amy decorate a beautiful nursery. While painting the nursery Jackson started to notice the sloping in the floor and worried that this could potentially be a hazard for his newborn. He heard an advertisement on the radio for Cantey Foundation Specialists and decided to give them a call to see how they could help. System Design Specialist Nathan Bailey came out to do an inspection and explained to Jackson there were several wood beams that needed to be replaced. They had begun to rot and were producing mold growth that would not be good for the nursery above. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and successfully replaced the beams with new wood. Jackson and Amy are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby girl and are confident she will have a safe nursery at home.

Rotten Wood Beam Replaced in Clemson, SC Home

Jerry & Julia S. of Clemson, SC noticed moisture problems in their crawl space and some sagging areas in their kitchen and dining room floors.  After researching online, they decided to call Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free estimate and inspection.  Specialist Nathan Bailey inspected both the crawl space and the interior of Jerry and Julia's home, and Specialist Nathan found that the moisture problems in the crawl space were rotting the wood through the subfloor in some areas.  Knowing that this problem could only worsen, Specialist Nathan recommended that they install our patented CleanSpace solution and replace most of the wood rotten beams.  The worst area (shown in the picture) was the space between their eat-in kitchen and the steps down to their living room.  This wood beam supported the majority of the kitchen and was completely saturated and rotted.  Production Crew led by Team Leader Israel Santana replaced all the rotten wood beams and joists, and then encapsulated the crawl space with a thick vapor barrier that surpasses our competitors.  Along with a dehumidifier and sump pump, Jerry & Julia S. no longer have to worry about the moisture in their crawl space causing any problems!

Woodworking Provides Cleaner Air for a Boy in Need in Greer, SC

Kim S. lives in her Greer, SC home with her son. As a single mom, it is hard to take care of work, a child, and her home. Often, she has let repairs to her home fall by the wayside. Her son has bad allergies and for almost a year now they have been seeing a specialist regularly. In the last few months, her son has gotten worse instead of better causing her to question his doctor. The doctor noted that it could be his home environment causing the more intense allergies. Kim had not made any changes to the home and wondered what could be causing her little boy to be so sick. Kim's father suggested it could have something to do with the crawl space. He recommended that she call Cantey Foundation Specialists because of the great work they did on his neighbor's home. Kim called in and was set up for an appointment with System Design Specialist Jerod Tafta. Jerod did a thorough inspection and found that Kim had some rotting wood. He reassured her that Cantey could replace this wood and have her crawl space looking good as new in no time. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Matthew Kelley came out and successfully removed and replaced all the wood in question. Kim and her little boy are now breathing healthier air, giving Kim the peace of mind she needed and a chance for her boy to get better.

SmartJacks Fix Cracked Center Beam in Greer, SC

Harry H. of Greer, SC was bothered by some rattling sounds that occurred when he walked in certain areas of his home. After seeing Cantey Foundation Specialists in the local Money Mailer, Harry called to make an appointment for a free estimate. System Design Specialist Brian West performed a full home inspection, and he left Harry with a free estimate of the work we could complete for him.  The work needed in Harry's home included our patented SmartJack System because the center beam was bowing and settling.  The SmartJack System, which included seven SmartJacks and supplemental beams, was installed under the breakfast area, den, and living room. The Production Crew led by Israel Santana were able to lift and stabilize Harry's sagging floors back into place!  Now, Harry can walk around his home without the annoying squeaking sounds and sloping areas of the floor.

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