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Geo-Lock Anchors Help Grandfather Move Closer to His Grandchildren in Clover, SC

Clifford S. has lived in his Clover, SC home for 20 years and has decided it is time to sell. After his wife passed last year, he decided it would be best for him to be closer to his children and grandchildren. Before moving, he knew that the concrete wall in his driveway needed to be fixed. It had started to lean and crack which he knew would be the first concern potential buyers would have as they pulled up in the driveway. Clifford received an advertisement in the mail that showcased local companies and one of them was Cantey Foundation Specialists. He decided to call in to see if Cantey could help him find a solution. System Design Specialist Alex Lovette arrived for the scheduled appointment and assessed the situation. Alex found that the best solution would be Cantey's Geo-Lock Anchor system. These wall anchors would be installed on the interior of the wall then a steel rod would be placed through the wall. This rod would anchor the wall using the most competent soil underneath the surface. This anchor system would stabilize the wall and stop the leaning. Production Team Leader Aubrey McJunkin, Production Team Member Francisco Lopez, and Production Team Member Oscar Mota came out and successfully installed the Geo-Lock Anchor system. Clifford is thankful to Cantey for helping him find a solution just in time for him to put his home on the market.

Woodworking Assists in Restoring 1800s Home in Laurens, SC

David and Laurie M. bought their home in Laurens, SC because of its age. The home was built in the 1800s and they loved the idea of restoring it to its former glory. Getting started they did some painting and replacing wood on the inside. David knew there was the possibility that wood or other repairs would have to be done to the crawl space. Laurie had heard from her mother that Cantey Foundation Specialists did free no obligation inspections. They decided to call in and set an appointment. System Design Specialist Katherine Dillon arrived for the appointment and did a thorough inspection of the crawl space. Katherine found that there were several areas of wood that needed be replaced around the crawl space. She assured David and Laurie that Cantey could definitely replace their wood with no problems. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, Production Team Member Mariano Valdovines, and Production Team Member Nick Riddick came out and successfully replaced the damaged areas of wood. David and Laurie are now moving forward with different renovations and are thankful for the help Cantey provided on their journey to restoring this beautiful home.

Wood Rot Replaced with Treated Lumber in Rock Hill, SC

Karl W. of Rock Hill, SC was planning on selling his home; however, after looking in his crawl space, he knew he needed to fix the termite-ridden and rotten wood rim joists.  After seeing Cantey's name in the local Money Mailer, Karl called for a free inspection and estimate.  System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford examined the crawl space, and he had a simple solution: replace all the rotten wood with our treated lumber.  Production Crew Foreman Dallas Darity and his crew were able to do this in a timely manner and at a reasonable price!  Now, Karl can have the peace of mind to begin the process of selling his home.

Push Piers and PolyLEVEL installed in Rock Hill, SC

Using Cantey Foundation Specialists before, Tom B. called us again because he wanted to stabilize one side of his house.  An addition to the home later on, the garage and extra room were not fully stabilized.  Although this section of the house only sunk about a quarter inch into the ground, Tom B. wanted to stop further settling.  Four push piers were installed raising the house up the quarter inch, and PolyLEVEL was pumped horizontally beneath the floor to fill any voids.  Tom's house is now fully stabilized, and he does not have to worry about his home settling in the future!

Woodworking Keeps Single Woman Safe in Winnsboro, SC

Jane H. has lived in her Winnsboro, SC home for a few years now. When she became a single woman, she looked for a home that would fit her needs and finally found the right one. Once she was all settled, she found that her living room floor had some soft spots. Jane did not know anything about crawl spaces and how to repair them. She really did not know who to call so she did a search online. She found Cantey Foundation Specialists, a local company with many great reviews on their website. Jane called in and was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford. Jamie did a thorough inspection of the crawl space when he arrived and found that Jane had quite a bit of rotting wood under her living room. He told her that Cantey often did a wood rot repair and replacement in crawl spaces. Jane was confident in Cantey doing the job and getting it fixed the first time. Production Team Leader Matt Garcia, Production Team Member Nick Riddick, and Production Team Member Brooks Walker came out and successfully replaced all the rotten wood. Jane no longer has to worry about her safety in her home thanks to Cantey getting the job done right.

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